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Her robe feel open as she sat on our pink of course silk bed sheet, already naked except for her lacy red thong.

I forgot to take a breath for a few heartbeats as I took in her volumptious curves as she shrugged off her robe, god I love her body! Faketaxi big tits and sexy eyes takes cock. Not wasting a split second more I pulled her Mandingo replica dildo from the nightstand drawer and flung myself into bed next to my lover.

"Baby, I need I need I need!'' I hissed as I pressed that mammoth plastic phallus into her hand and spread my legs wide.

''Take it easy, easy my horny little hurricane.

'' She whispered in her lusty Latin accent as she knelt between my outstretched legs and I groaned loudly as her sexy lips engulfed the wet folds of my pussy lips, her magical tongue parting my pink gates and slathering my clit with her spit ''Oh, Goddddd, make it hurt baby, make it hurt so fucking good.

'' I whimpered as she twisted that monster of a plastic boyfriend into my wanting pussy, the huge head spreading me gloriously wide, her mouth glued to my clit, lashing and flailing it with the tip of her tongue as I clutched handful's of her hair and arched my back in ecstasy.

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The bed was trembling from my gyrations as I wreathed and convulsed from the torrid fucking my baby was administering to my cock starved box as her wrists fleshed that passion pole into my depths at maniac speeds, me on elbows and tiptoes, franticly pushing, fucking back to contain every inch of carnal joy that I received from my baby. Sex webcam sites. Tofana watch live sex cam.

My tummy felt like it had a million butterfly wings beating madly in my loins as wave after wave of sheer pleasure washed over me, causing fireworks to explode behind my eyes as I curled into an orgasmic mass of screaming motion, unable to stop.

''Oh fuck yes, baby love, just like that! just like that, Ahhhhhhh fuuucccckkk!! '' I wailed, not yet wanting my powerful cum to subside.

Jhonsblackmen free asian webcam.