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Bill’s pulsing cock was a fountain of spunk, shot after shot of man seed while Sam swallowed every drop, straight down his throat, gulp after gulp.

Bill whole body is jerking and pushing his cock around in Sam’s wet mouth.

Sam loved every moment of the silk skin cock pushing in and out of his mouth pussy. Hottest milf diamond foxxx fucked.

Sam licking on Bill’s tongue licking his frenulum and glands coaxing out all of his sweet, creamy cum from Bill’s cock.

The spurts of cum bursts of Bill’s cum now oozing to dribbles.

Sam was licking his lips savoring the taste of Bill spunk.

Bill had stopped sucking Sam while he unloaded in Sam’s mouth keeping Sam’s cock in his mouth just licking. Live sex chat without id.


Precum was oozing out into Bill’s mouth as Sam was about to ready to deluge his balls building with a load of spunk.

Bill's lips were touching and applying more suction on Sam’s penis, feeling his own begin to throb.

I am cumming Bill, oh god, take my load, man, Bill cried as pulses of Sam’s creamy cum inundated his mouth. Fuck tonight alfriston.

Bill feeling ever burst as it pulsed up from the bottom of Sam’s cock before gushing out of Sam’s meat into Bill’s wet warm mouth.

Bill was trying to swallow it all, but Sam’s massive load was flowing in waves of large blasts of semen.

Some of Sam’s juices were dripping out of Bill’s wet mouth down his chin and cheeks. Sexchat with real aunts.

Bill is gagging as he tried to take all of Sam’s cock and cum.


Bill loving the feel of Sam thrusting his cock into his mouth as it spewed out spouts of Sam’s man juice.

Much of Sam’s cum flowed out of Bill’s mouth escaping capture.

Sam’s cock slowing to a trickle of semen dribbling from his meat onto Bill’s lapping tongue. Online sex free hindi girl.

The men collapsed to each other’s side with intoxicated exhaustion basking in the after taste of each other’s sweet flavored cum.

Bill and Sam totally drained of their man seed juice.

They were laying there thinking of what they had just done.

Sam was softly caressing Bill’s thigh as Bill lay motionless in a dreamlike state. Black sex webcams.

They were in a euphoric feeling of complete satisfaction.

Sam leaned up and began licking his escaped spunk off Bill’s cheek and chin.


Mouth to mouth Sam kissed Bill swapping some of his juice with their intertwined tongues.

Bill did not expect that from Sam but accepted. Touchmebbxxx freelivewebcam adule.

Sam swallowed what he had left as he got up from the bed.

Sam began to slip on his lounge wear looking at this handsome man still sporting a part engorged cock while relaxing in the bed.

Bill is admiring Sam’s magnificent body that he just noticed Sam looked shaved below his happy trail. Branda fox webcam jam bigtitsboss.

Bill saying, I enjoyed that very much Sam, Sam replied, I loved it Bill, would like to try it again.

Bill said, Plan on it, I think I have found a new friend.

Sam smiled while saying, Me too, maybe we can try some other things too.


Sam is finished pulling on his t-shirt. Masterbate webcam free no register.

Sam started into the living room while naked Bill got up and wobbled behind him still somewhat in a daze.

Bill told Sam was his regular hours were and invited him over anytime.

Sam asked Bill into his loft and bed anytime he desired.

The two men had made a special connection and apparently they planned on more fun soon. Usa sexgearl.

Both men were feeling lucky to have someone sexy hot living right across the hall from each other.

Sam came close and with a soft lip, kiss told Bill, See you soon friend.

Sam closed the door, and Bill locked it behind him.

Bill was thinking fond memories as he wandered through the loft toward the bedroom turning off the lights and appliances.

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He then fell into his bed dreaming of what was to come between him and Sam.

Dreams do come true I was a freshman in college, and I had the opportunity to do an internship that would change my life.

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