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Professor Stevens licked her lips.

Diane thought about what to say before beginning to explain everything to the younger woman.

She would plead, cry, promise to do anything if she could see her way clear to helping Zofeya get a good Law degree.

She took a few deep breaths, placed the sheets of paper back on Fiona’s desk and looked at the younger woman. Leonora2019 webcam video foto porn.

I guess it hasn’t been easy for Zofeya.

I’m amazed – and proud – that she has made it this far.

I mean, getting into a really good University, on such a sought-after course and then starting off so well.

She tried her best to turn on the tears.

They would not come. Severinas webcam video.

She cursed herself in silence.

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Why was it that her daughter could do such a thing on command? As soon as she was being scolded, Zofeya could let the waterworks go and not stop until she had got what she wanted.

I mean, she’s always been a good girl, despite her difficult start in life and the fact that she was brought up in a single-parent family. Sexy biracial babe nude.


Caldwell smiled.

No father? Fiona asked quietly.

No, Professor.

I adopted Zofeya as a baby and it’s just been the two of us.

It’s kind of nice as she’s my daughter – but also my best friend too.

Diane felt the first tear in her right eye.

She did really well at school and always wanted to study Law. Free sexy slut cam chat rooms.

When she got in here I was so proud and just want her to graduate.

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Caldwell felt that first tear start rolling down her cheek.

She went to St.

Katherine’s Girls’ School, right? Fiona Stevens got up from her chair and walked to where Diane was sitting. No registration sex chat south africa.

The younger woman leaned across her desk and picked up a pack of tissues, which she handed to Zofeya’s mum, and smiled.


They did a wonderful job with her and she did really well there.

Diane Caldwell took a tissue from the pack and placed them on the desk. Bosombuddy free sex chat strangers with webcam.

Fiona sat down on the edge of the desk, inches from where Zofeya’s mum was sat in the chair, wiping her eyes.

Did she get punished while she was there? The younger woman smiled sweetly.

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The forty-year-old Professor knew all about St.

Katherine’s Girls’ School. Top sexy movies.

She had met a few of its former students due to her job and her friend, Kim, taught English at the extremely successful state school.

Fiona knew that corporal punishment was used frequently at the school and thought about the stories that her friend had told her about having to spank naughty girls. Lonely milf fucks table cheater caught. group xxx video.

Only once – to my knowledge.

By her Form Mistress, Ms.

Lindsay, when she was in Year Thirteen.

Diane blew her nose in the tissue and looked up at the young woman.


Lindsay? Fiona asked, trying to act quizzical but already knowing that Ms.

Caldwell meant her friend, Kim, who taught English at the school.

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Kim Lindsay? she added.

Zofeya’s mum screwed the tissue up in her right hand and looked at Fiona, who seemed to be moving closer to her with every minute that passed.


That’s right.

Do you know her? Diane smiled.

I do.

I went to school and University with her and shared a house with her here, until she got the job at St. Swinger sex porn tube.

Katherine’s and she’s been there ever since.

Fiona Stevens placed both hands on her black-skirted knees.

We see each other from time to time and she always tells me about spanking the girls.

Don’t tell me that Zofeya got her one and only spanking at school from Kim? Mature lady sex. Diane Caldwell laughed.


Lindsay did spank her.

Zofeya had skipped her chemistry lesson and she got caught.

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Kim was her Form Mistress and spanked and slippered her over her knee.


Caldwell licked her lips.

I don’t think she enjoyed it at all but never got a repeat performance. Petite xxx sex.

Professor Stevens began playing with the long sleeves of her purple satin blouse.

She could feel herself becoming warm at the thought of punishment and tried not to make it so obvious that she was damp between her legs.


Kim is a very strict lady.

She stood up and walked back behind her desk before continuing. Aggressive lesbian seduction sex photos.

I can imagine that it really hurt and that she didn’t sit for a few days afterwards.

Diane, for the first time since she had seen Zofeya’s Law tutor, started to realise how attractive, and how sexual, Fiona was.

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No, she really hated it and was moody for an age afterwards, she laughed. Discreet sex toys online.

But she did behave herself until she had left the school, she added.

The red-haired lady laughed and sat down in her chair once more, pausing until she had thought about what to say next.

And, have you ever spanked Zofeya? Fiona closed her eyes before focusing fully on Diane. Ebony webcam deepthroat.

I mean, it must have been difficult at times bringing her up on your own and having to deal with a stroppy teenager? Ms.

Caldwell had decided that she liked the young academic and decided to be honest with her.

I haven’t.

She looked down at her black shoes, before returning her attention to the young woman.

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But I get my neighbour, who was a retired School Mistress to punish her for me, Diane added.

Fiona Stevens had started to play with the buttons on her satin blouse, but this last statement made her stop immediately and stare across at Ms.


Really? Www sexlive. she asked, shocked.

What does she get punished for? She placed her elbows on her desk and leaned closer to the older woman.

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