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, her voice trembled slightly as Colleen's palm brushed across her engorged clitoris, ".

she's pretty good at this.

" I couldn't decide if the look on Colleen's face was one of disgust or lust. Sex arab online.

possibly some of both.

Either way, this was easily the sexiest thing I'd ever seen, Katie's thin legs splayed open as our boss slowly sawed her fingers in and out of Katie's clearly sopping wet cunt.

I felt like I was dragging my jaw across the ground as I moved the few steps forward to stand next to Katie.

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Katie leaned over and kissed me gently, running her warm tongue lightly over my lips.

"Get your cock out, silly," she breathed into my ear.

Slowly, I undid my belt, button, and zipper, and Katie reached over to help free my cock from my pants, gliding her soft and cool fingers over the head as she did. Cute petite teen maintains total adorable sex.

I almost came right then.

"Much better," she said, smiling.

"Nice cock, I've been excited to see that all week.

" Then, turning back to Colleen she said, "well, you've got two hands.

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use them!" Colleen rolled her eyes at us, and maintained her mixed look of lust and disgust.

She hesitated slightly, but then did as she was told.

Her warm, slender fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began to stroke me slowly but firmly. Become a trannys sex slave.

Katie and I locked lips again, both absorbed in our separate but simultaneous pleasure.

"I can't believe you two.

you're both fired, by the way.

Fucking perverts.

" Katie broke our kiss slightly to respond, "Fired. Ironmaan free indian video chat sex online.

doubt it.




" "Fine," was all Colleen said, and at the same time, began to ram her fingers harder into Katie's cunt and increased the friction on her clitoris.

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