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You don't have to go out of your way for anything.

Just give her a place to sleep and when I get back you get a big bonus!” So now, here I am in my apartment waiting for Jim to show up and drop his spawn off. Lollypopy liveshowporno.

He should have been here at seven, but of course he's late.

I don't know why I'm doing this; it's not like a need the money.

Sure, its nice to get more, but I'm not hurting for anything either.

Jim wouldn't fire me if I had said no, he knows I'm the backbone of the company; without me he would be broke.

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I should just call him and tell him I changed my mind.

I reach for my phone but it rings in my hand.

It's the front desk announcing Jim's presence. No flash player adult webcams.

I okay him to come up then hang up and stand by the door waiting.

I swear I can hear his labored breathing coming down the hall from the elevator and seconds later there's a knock on my door.

Jim's on the phone as he practically pushes his daughter at me. Sexy kinky hookups 17.


The concierge sets her large bag down and Jim turns his back while yapping away so I tip the man and he leaves.

Emily looks nervous and shy.

We stand facing each other awkwardly, waiting for Jim to say or do something but he just pats his daughter on the head and starts walking back to the elevators. Sex michelle cam.

Poor kid, not even a good-bye from her dad or anything.

I step aside to let her in then grab her luggage and follow.

She's the quiet type.

I've met her a few times before, here and there at the office; content to take up as little space as possible or sit in the reception rooms and read a book. Fuck hindi audio.

I know how she feels; my own parents never had time for me which left me to play alone for hours on end.

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