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You must make it hurt.

" "Four, but it only hurt a little.

I must be corrected.

I must by punished.

Make me hurt harder.

" "Five.

" For the first time, his hand left something of a pale red mark.


Punish me Jonathan, Sir.

" A mark on her other butt cheek.


" Was that.

? Webcam girls kg. It was as unmistakable as it was unbelievable to him — that dark spot in her panties — it was her moisture flowing; she was getting aroused.

Johnathan hesitated, his hand mid-air, but then, as if guided by something stronger, something feral inside him, he swung it down on her left buttock, for the first time not really holding back, his hand leaving behind its form in a rose colored flare on Dora’s behind. Grindcoree indonesia live webcam streaming sex.


A soft whimper escaped Dora’s lips.


" The feral beast inside him was taking over.

He was allowing it to take over.


" and a small sob "Ten.

I must be corrected, Sir.

" "Eleven.

" The air filled with the smells of her wetness, and as she was getting wetter, he could feel himself getting harder. Petite webcam teen.

With every beat of his heart, a glimmer of reason escaped him, and a burst of arousal swelled up.

"T-twelve," she breathed softly.

The flares were overlapping now, forming a single patch of red.

Again a swing.

"Please, Sir, I'll behave, I won't do it again, Sir" "I want to hear you count, not whimper.

" Did he really just say that? Webcamchat xxx. Why was this turning him on so much?

He was used to finding answers to questions, but these were not questions that were meant to be answered.

This was a time for punishment.

Dora had to be punished for the dirty whore she was, making him let himself go like this. Webcam huge creamy squirt from skinny girls.

For turning him on.

For everything she was, and everything she awoke in him.

Even for the spilled cup of orange juice.

At least she had now counted the thirteen.

The beast was truly awoken.

His arm swung high, and landed with a hard slap, his full force behind it. Detka188 web cam sex chat free for mobile.

He could hear her sob.

He didn't care.

As long as she counted.


" He felt himself wishing he had chosen the belt.


" More sobbing.


He was done with the sobbing now.

He grabbed both her pigtails in one hand, like an experienced rider takes the reigns of a horse, and pulled her head back. Wild life sex.

He didn't wait for her to count anymore, she would just have to keep up.

He bore down on her with his flat hand in full force.


Seventeen, Eighteen.

Her mascara was getting muddled with the tears that were dripping down her cheeks, but she had stopped her whining. Hidden camera sex arab.

Nineteen, Twenty.

He yanked her head back all the way so she was looking up to him with her teary eyes, her throat pulled tight so that she could barely breathe, and his last strike hit her bottom full force.

It was a squeal, more than anything else, followed by two quick sobs, which came as a response.

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And then, after a short pause, came the last count.


Her voice was trembling, and very, very soft.

"Thank you.

" She took a moment to compose herself, took a jagged, shallow breath, and continued, ".

for disciplining me, Johnathan, Sir.

I will now go clean myself up.

" Her skirt still on her knees, she picked up the cup, and then shuffled her way to the stairs, and one step after the other, started ascending it. Ginna brigitta porno.

Each careful step she took up the stairs seemed to make her wince, but she kept completely quiet.

Her now crimson bottom almost seemed to radiate, but under it, her thighs glimmered with her own wetness.

When she came down the stairs again, a few minutes later, she had changed.

Play sexy girl games.

She was wearing jeans now, and her pigtails had given way for a simple ponytail.

But that wasn't the most striking difference.

There was something in her posture, the way she walked.

The look on her face was different.

The lips that earlier pouted and trembled now formed a confident smile. Sexy milf fuck.

She seemed no longer the girl he had just spanked (oh god, had he really done that?) not even a girl at all, but a young woman.

"I really don't know what came over me, Dora, but.

"It's Evelyn, but I decided I wanted to pay you a visit as Dora.

Uncle Alex told me a lot about you, and I knew he would be out for a bit. Kittycaitlin webcam.

I figured it would be.


" "Dora's quite the filthy deprived little girl you know," Evelyn continued.

"You've seen how she stained herself.


The whole idea of punishment in itself is quite the turn-on for her.

The spanking is just the icing on the cake. Sexarbe web mobile.

It took you a little time to get right, but after the first half-dozen.

" a shiver ran down her body, ".

You had it down pretty well.

" She threw him a sneaky smile before she continued.

"You know, I can also have her beg for all sorts of things if you like that.

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