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I thought it had all blown over and thought nothing more about it.

John was a very forgiving, very understanding man - one of the things I loved about him. Sexy nude mature milf.

So if he was willing to drop it, so was I.

The next day I came home as usual and raced in to get on my black "boyfriend" as usual - this time not putting myself in a bad situation again.

But when I slid my boyfriend out of the closet, I was shocked to see a padlock on the plug, preventing me from plugging it in and using it! Www omegle sex com. Then I went and saw the padlock on the toybox also! John had put me on Sybian "restriction" and that went for my other toys as well.

No Sybian, no Hitachi Wand, no nothing! Damn man even took my little buzzer from my nightstand drawer! Sexy puerto rican girl galleries. I can't really blame him, thought, this was my own fault.

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I have no self-control at all.

when pussy talks, I have to obey! Sure, I could use my fingers or some other household object - I can be quite creative when pressed! Fag ass fuck. But none of them were nearly as much fun and I wouldn't get lost in rapture with my electric toothbrush or the handle of my hairbrush.

I was sitting in the living room feeling very sorry for myself when John came home. Webcamshows org annora mio.

He knew exactly what was going on the instant he saw me.

"I see you have found what I did," he said.

"Yes and it's not fair!" I pouted.

Normally, I can sweet talk my way out of trouble with a little pout and a few I'm sorry's, but I had gone too far this time - he was resolute on this one.

"This is your own doing young lady. Hiashka23 xxx sexi girls back said.

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You have been ignoring your housework, being late with dinner and most of all ignoring me -all because of that damn buzz box.

It's time I put a halt to that.

This key here is the only key to the locks on your toys and you can only play with them when I say so, understand?" he said, scolding me. Webkamken9999 fucking free live webcam no sign in.

He was absolutely right.

I had been ignoring my duties as his wife and keeper of the house.

That Sybian was the focus of my life since I got it and I had been ignoring the wonderful man that gave it to me. Free subcription casual sex chat.

I just hung my head.

"I'm sorry," I whispered softly, my voice shaky.

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