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Zofeya’s mother shook her head.

All kinds of things.

Generally rudeness, laziness – or the worst thing she did which was to send me a film of her giving her boyfriend a… Diane stopped and thought of how to phrase it.

Blow job, she added quietly.

Professor Stevens seemed to ignore the last comment, although she had heard it. Webcam vietnam sex.

Boyfriend? I didn’t think that she had a boyfriend? Ms.

Caldwell shuffled around in her seat and played with her hands.

They split up last summer when Stefan completed his degree and decided to go home to Sweden.

I think Zofeya took that really badly and that’s where her attitude and lack of effort is coming from. Asian petite sex tube.

She looked at Fiona.

The younger woman sat in silence for a few moments, thinking to herself.

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She brushed her red hair back behind her ears before opening her mouth.

So, that will have been a cause of what has been going on over the last few months then. Bander_moncsi private webcam stream.

Fiona Stevens took a deep breath.

I wish she had come to me and told me about this, and I would have sorted something out for her.

The young woman inhaled deeply, her large breasts being pushed out proudly before her under her blouse.

I really like her and think she shows real promise, the Professor sighed. Webcam public dildo.

Diane reached down to the floor and picked up her handbag, which she placed on her lap.

She tried to take her mind off the thoughts she was having about the red-haired woman.

She was extremely attractive.

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I think that Zofeya needs a damned good hiding, but I just can’t do it to her. Free pornowebcam online.

Maybe my neighbour will have to come and put her over her knee? Professor Fiona Stevens was having the same thoughts as Diane Caldwell.

She found the older woman extremely arousing and began thinking about how she could get the sexually attractive Diane into bed. Teensex chat.

Maybe the spankings she receives aren’t doing the trick, Diane.

Perhaps I should punish you for the failings she has shown and then maybe we can deal with her poor results.

Once again, the young lady got to her feet and walked around her desk, sitting on the edge of the desk. Sexy text chat in wap.

What do you mean? Ms.

Caldwell smiled, knowing exactly what Fiona Stevens meant.

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The forty-year-old academic unbuttoned the top two buttons on her purple blouse and looked down at the older woman.

She unintentionally opened her legs, her skirt riding up so that her legs were revealed as well as her pink knickers. Hot brunette toys her ass on webcam.

Well, I can make sure that Zofeya’s grades are improved and she’ll get a good degree in exchange for allowing me to put you over my knee and smacking that lovely bottom of yours.

Fiona licked her lips suggestively and spread her legs even wider and smiled at Zofeya’s mum, who was sat on the chair across from her. Ebony webcam dildo ride.

Diane was shocked.

However, if that is what it took for her daughter to receive a good degree, then it was worth it.

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She had taken many spankings from Pauline Manson and, although they had hurt, there would be no way that this young woman could hit any harder than the lady next door had. Krasivoglazka random privat mobile e live sex cams.

After a few moments of silence, she answered.

What? Here? Now? she spat out in a panic.

Fiona Stevens smiled and touched Diane’s right arm with her left hand.

Oh, God no.

Not here.

At my house later this afternoon.

Fiona got to her feet and picked up her pen from her desk. Webcam girl dog lick.

She bent over her desk and scribbled on a pad, tearing off the sheet once she had finished.

She held the sheet out for Diane Caldwell, who reached across and took it in her right hand.

Meet me there at three and I’ll punish you, and once I’ve had you over my knee for a little while and smacked your bottom, then I’ll make sure that Zofeya gets a good degree.

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Professor Stevens stared with her deep blue eyes at the dark-haired woman, who was looking at the paper.

Do we have a deal, Ms.

Caldwell? she asked softly.

Zofeya’s mother placed the paper in her handbag, looked at Fiona and smiled before she got to her feet. Sexy milfs ladies gallery.

Yes, Professor.

I shall see you at three this afternoon.

She nervously bit her lip.

The red-haired forty-year-old walked to the door, pulled it open and held it for Diane.

She smiled as the dark-haired woman walked out into the corridor.

Don’t be late, she whispered. Bethany lily sex.

The Law Professor smiled as she watched the older woman walk towards the stairs.

She closed her office door quietly and returned to her chair, where she soon found herself touching herself under her three-quarter-length skirt.

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Diane did not look back and quickly walked down the flight of stairs and out of the main entrance, into the brilliant sunshine. List of bisexual film.

She shook her head but was determined to ensure that her daughter graduated with a good degree and would do whatever it took to make sure that happened.

Zofeya’s mother drove into the city centre and spent her time looking in shop windows before having lunch and watching as the time slowly ticked towards two-thirty in the afternoon. Cam two cam sex for free no login okc.

She returned to her car and set her Sat Nav, which, within fifteen minutes had directed her to Fiona Stevens’ impressive house on the other side of the city.

She could see the Audi car parked on the driveway and sat behind the wheel of her car, taking several deep breaths before she began checking her appearance in the rearview mirror.

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