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L'natria's body had tensed and it felt like every muscle in her body was firing off at once.

She stayed rigid like that until I became a bit concerned I had broken her.

but finally she relaxed and dropped back onto the fur bed, panting and slowly writhing as the orgasm spasms left her body. Jaklina57 sex online camera.

I sat up on my heels between her still spread and trembling legs as she slowly calmed her breathing down.


that was.

amazing, sir!" she panted.

L'natria wore a big broad smile on her face and her eyes sparkled in the dim lantern light of the tent.

She looked beautiful even in the dim light her lantern put out!

Site girls sexbob de nude traci lords. As her breathing slowed down, I crawled up her glistening body and mounted her, pulling her soft lean legs up to my waist where she promptly wrapped them around me, holding me to her.

She put her arms around my neck and as I kissed her, I held my cock by the base and started rubbing the head up and down her drooling pussy slit, parting her lips and rubbing the length of her pussy with it. Tamil gay sex chat.

L'natria gasped, wide-eyed as she felt me teasing her.

"Oh, sir," she panted.

"I've never felt anything like that! I've used my finger before but your.

cock is so much bigger, stronger, but it feels really nice!

It's sooo.

" Her words trailed off as I rubbed the tip of my cock over her hyper-sensed clit a few times. Free black thug men chat and webcam.

Then I circled it before going back to splitting her pussy lips again, A couple of rounds of that really got her going.


sir," she said as she squirmed restlessly under me.

"I think you're gonna make me cum again, sir.

" For a few more seconds I went on, teasing her with my cock, and watching her squirm and coo in the bed as she tried to ignore the growing pressure in her belly. Bugs bunny sex comic.

I could tell she was fighting another orgasm by the look of wide-eyed bliss and the weak attempt at a smile on her pretty face.


But before she fell into the abyss again, I stopped what I was doing momentarily.

She breathed a sigh of relief which I cut short as I moved down and pressed my cock into her very tight but sopping wet hole, stopping just as I reached the entrance to her tunnel. Indonesia sex webcam.

I let my cock sit there as I waited for her to get herself ready.

She groaned and looked at up me, holding me tightly.

"I-is it going to.

fit?" she asked softly, her voice trembling.

"Don't worry, L'natria it will fit and if not, then I will not force it. Sexvideo free tamil online.

I'm not going to hurt you, honey," I said reassuringly.


The truth was although I was fairly certain I would fit inside her tight pussy, I was unsure about how deep her tunnel ran.

She was a small woman, standing only about five foot three inches and although she had a very nice body, she had slim hips and I was, as she had said, bigger than what she had ever known before. Alexa-aline live sex video colling.

Plus I couldn't forget she was an alien woman and who knows what her internal "plumbing" was like! So I was going to take it very slowly with her.

She was a virgin and I wanted this first time with a man to be something special.

something she would remember and cherish fondly.

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I eased the tip of my cock forward slowly back and forth an inch or so each way and slowly pushing a bit more each time I went forward.

She was plenty slippery and I glided back and forth easily.

I could feel her pussy stretching as I inched in deeper and I watched her face never taking my eyes off her and watching for any sign that she was hurting. Live sex milf sur une salope.

I have had sex many times with a variety of women, but I have never had a virgin and watching her face was a fascinating study of how pleasure and pain combined.

Both sides of the coin grew at the same rate and I kept waiting for one side to take control, yet neither did.

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It was amazing to watch and nearly distracted me from what I was doing to create such a show.


L'natria was becoming accustomed to my cock at her entrance now so I started to push myself deeper into her.

I pushed forward another inch and felt the head of my cock slip past her vaginal ring. Hot sexy young cheerleader girls.

L'natria gasped at the sudden 'pop' and I felt her grip on my shoulders tighten momentarily.

"Are you doing all right?" I asked her.

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