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Still aroused by my thoughts, I walked into the now empty small commercial kitchen that in years past bustled with a staff of 12-15 chefs, cooks and wait staff members. Kerala free sexchat.

A cacophony of thoughts replaced the orderly chaos that once ruled the space.

Out of nowhere, I thought it seemed so empty here, and such a waste of space since it was just the two of us here on weekends now, but it is what it is.

I slumped down in an armed chair near the door and watched you move so gracefully about the kitchen, so seductive.

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so sexy.

so fluid in your movements.

"How the fuck did you know I was watching you?" I mumbled to myself.

My mind played and replayed the scenes of you over and over again. Yahoo sex chate tube videos.

I'm sure you noticed the bulge in my pants as I sat there studying your every move.

The simple fact was, now that I had seen what I saw, I wanted you in the very most primal of ways.

You pan seared some extraordinary fish creation and waved me over to taste it.

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As I came near, you turned and stepped close to me.

I could smell your perfume despite the kitchen odors.

You held up a small piece of fish on a fork, your other hand under it to catch it if it fell.

And sure enough, just before the fork hit my lips, it slipped off the fork and into your other hand. Sexy brown ebony.

You laughed and instinctively placed your fingertips full of fish into my open mouth.

Our eyes met and I held your fingers near my lips with my hand as I moved closer to you. Sexyliliya privat.

One at a time, I sucked the flavoring off of each of your fingers.

It must have turned you on, because you leaned into me as you closed your eyes and moaned faintly.

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