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Today was going to be a scorcher again.

They drifted over to the edge of the waves hand in hand, and presented a pretty, romantic picture as they played on the water’s edge, but Markus wasn’t tempted to squeeze off a single shot. Halloween guys sex.

He watched them and enjoyed the moment, but this wasn’t what he was here for.

He felt a little smug at how well he knew these women that he stalked.

He had predicted the spot that Carmen would choose to sit and had known exactly how the morning would start.

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He enjoyed the feeling for about ten minutes before Carmen simply stood on the edge and dropped the straps of her dress.

She stood there naked, facing away from him and laughing at her lover, then turned and ran into the sea, a glorious Aphrodite with hair streaming behind her. Riley and rocco playing pov porno.

He framed and captured his pictures without conscious thought, completely caught up in what was happening.

He didn’t think about the club or his brief, only about capturing that moment of perfection.

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All too soon she had plunged into the water and was out of sight, swimming away from her now also naked lover who was laughingly pursuing her.

Eventually they emerged from their frolicking and moved back towards their sitting area. Panamera96 live nude sex.

Carmen lay a lounger flat and lay down on it in an elegant pose that came from her natural athleticism.

She was positioned so that Markus could see her entire left hand side, perfect for his purposes.

Again he had to wonder how orchestrated this was. Hot teen nude webcam.

Sometimes it just seemed too easy.

Her lover brought over two glasses of champagne and the fresh oysters on ice from the table and set them down on the table next to her before kneeling next to it.

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