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She clung to his leg, laying her head upon his lap as he continued to stroke her hair.

Veronica's heart slowed as the kiss faded and the petting calmed her.

That is until she became aware of the subtle pressure below.

Somehow as she had turned to face him, she had straddled his right foot. Sexy beautiful milf.

The ankle passing between her thighs seemed innocuous as she embraced him.

However, the flame of her arousal burned within and she suddenly realized that he too must feel its heat.

"Sit up baby.

" He softly commanded as he lifted her chin.

She looked up, her eyes wide as if she'd been caught having wicked thoughts. Gay man having oral sex.

Veronica sat back on her heels; her hands upon her thighs, as her sex pressed more firmly against his foot, a tremor shook through her as she rubbed across the laces.

"Strip for me.

" He told her.


Another tremor shook through her as her eyes darted quickly to the closet and back. Sex slave mistress.

Reaching up Veronica pulled her robe open till the silk slid over and off her shoulders to pool around her on the floor.

Darin could not believe his eyes.

There was his wife kneeling naked before a fully clothed man and Jeff had barely done a thing.

In fact all he had done was kiss her and stroke her hair. Anna maria island webcam.

A nervous feeling grew within Darin's gut.

This wasn't what he had expected at all.

Raw passionate sex, he was ready for, but this slow sensual dance was almost more than he could stand.

It was driving him crazy, in much the same way as it did his lovely wife. Online live sex canada f actar.


Jeff looked directly through her.

Veronica watched his eyes waiting for them to expectantly leave hers and drop to her chest.

She had lovely breasts, all natural about the size of softballs, with a slightly upturned nipple, giving them a delicious difference. Live spy cam sex.

He held her gaze.

She had turned many heads with her looks but suddenly veronica realized that he would not look until she first looked away, it was a power game and suddenly losing seemed like a great idea.

Veronica dropped her gaze till she herself could see them. Hot busty teen fucked hardcore.

Jeff also dropped his gaze drinking in her loveliness.

"Arch your back Veronica, slouching will never do.

" He quietly told her.

Veronica did as he requested, arching her back until her tits were thrust out for his inspection, rolling her hips as her pussy once again stroked across the fine laces of his Italian made shoe.

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A slight sigh escaped her as another small quiver went through her.

"Cup them.

" He added.

She again followed his commands lifting them slightly almost as if in offering.

"Now play with them as you do when you're alone.

" He said as he reached again for his scotch. Amazing dirty sex.

Veronica moaned, just audibly, as her fingers encircled her rosy nipples.

Closing her eyes she began to lightly tug and twist at them.

The remaining fingers fanning out to caress her tits gently.

Her head slowly moved from side to side as she pleasured herself in front of this stranger. Huge massive tits webcam.

Her hips began to rock ever so slightly of their own volition.

Veronica could feel the wetness flush into her sex, preparing it for him.


She knew that his shoe would now be covered with her moisture.

She didn't care.

Veronica began to roll her hips riding the leather. Jellybhabes20 online sexvideot live.

The laces rubbing across her clitoris were sending shockwaves of pleasure through her.

"Gooood girl.

" He soothed gently.

Veronica barely heard him.

Her breath fell from her lips in ragged gasps, as the pleasure built within.

"Does that feel good Veronica?" He asked her gently. Amazing gay sex stories.

Lost in her pleasure she again barely heard.

She opened her eyes smiling, panting slightly, "Yessssssssssssss!" "Pinch them harder baby.

" He instructed.

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