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Xavier zipped open the bag and Susan's intoxicating scent filled the bedroom.

He closed his eyes and thrust his nose into the bag, and inhaled as deeply as he could.

He could almost literally taste Susan.

His heart was pounding as his cock sprang to life.

"Now", Susan continued, "…sit back and watch me while I play with my new toy. Sex live instagram.

I want you to hold my panties up to your face and take in my scent while you watch.

Do NOT touch yourself.

You may only do so when you have my permission.

" This was almost cruel.

Xavier's cock literally ached for Susan.

He didn't even realize that he was involuntarily extending his tongue as he imagined licking Susan's pussy. Girls that fuck for money bad peterstal griesbach.


Her panties were still moist from that morning.

Susan panned her camera back to reveal that she was naked, save for her heels.

She held her phone and lay down on the bed, on her back.

From underneath the pillow she pulled out her vibrator.

It was a 'beginner' model, as simple 6 inch hard plastic clit teaser in a phallic shape, with an on/off knob on the bottom to control the speed. Hypnoall hindi leiv sex cem chet.

Susan took the vibrator in her mouth, stroking briskly.

"This is your cock, X.

" With the vibrator now glistening with her saliva, she teased her nipples, moving back and forth as they hardened.

She held the phone close with her other had to give Xavier a close-up view.

"Please, babe, my cock aches.

" Xavier begged.


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Do not ask again," Susan firmly replied.

Susan guided the vibrator to her waiting pussy.

All of the anticipation, the sight of Xavier with her panties pressed to his face, and the breast play had her very wet.

After gently teasing her lips on both sides, she moved on to just above her clit. Latina boobs webcam.

She didn't think she was ready for the intensity of direct vibrations on her clit.

As she worked her herself over, she closed her eyes and licked her lips.

Watching Susan toy with her pussy combined with the smell and taste of her panties had Xavier close to an eruption, even without stroking himself. Sexy asian suck penis orgy.

Touching himself now would be like lighting the fuse of a stick of dynamite.


Susan's moans became louder.

She finally moved the vibrator directly on her clit and let out a soft cry at the intense sensation.

She wriggled her ass as she pressed harder on her pussy until her entire body quivered with an intense orgasm that caused her leg to pulse and violently contract. Flirt 888 sex live 666.

Xavier pleaded again, "Now?" "Stroke it, X! Let me see you blow," Susan directed.

Xavier was already there.

While laying down, with one hand still holding the panties to his face and the other stroking his cock, it took him no time to erupt.

He was shocked when his cum spewed out so powerfully that it reached his neck and part of his chin. Bigboobsmilk erotic webcam chat.

Xavier grabbed the phone to show Susan his cum spray.

"God that's hot!" Susan squealed.

"I wish I was there to lick it off" "Soon enough, love.


You weren't kidding about 'sealed for freshness', sweetheart.

It was like your lovely pussy was right here with me. Live webcams porn.

Love the idea.

I'm definitely keeping these panties.

" Xavier replied, still breathing heavily.

"Love you, X.

Sweet dreams.

No more playing with yourself until I get back.

You save your cum for me.

" Leeza left me last August.

It was inevitable I guess.

In the beginning she was attracted to me because I hung around the rodeo crowd and even tried my hand at calf roping and bull riding, but I knew it wasn't going to be a life for me. Curlinxxx sexy naked girls live.

I wasn't good enough at it, and going from town to town wasn't my idea of any kind of life.

But Leeza was like one of them groupie girls who hung around the rodeo cowboys because in our part of the country, they were the closest thing to rock stars.

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