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Just then, she heard the alarm sound.

‘Did that sound from the west perimeter of Section D? The rat is close.

’ She moved over to her end table beside her bed and grabbed her red leather gloves and quickly tugged them on before grabbing her Spanking Paddle and Rod from her cabinet. Sex online camera skayp.

She went out the door and towards the listening post.

‘This rat is going to pay dearly.

’ She thought grimly.

‘The rat is very close to the exit. Tamanna sex videos telugu.

The Queen Spanker thought, after hearing the alarm.

Sitting down, she tapped her finger on the arm of the throne quickly, thinking of what to do.

Her decision made, she rose and left the room, her famous Shredder Paddle in hand, and walked towards a room down the hall she had only frequented once before. Porno hecho en casa.

In front of the heavy steel door, she produced a gold key and placed it into the lock.


She paused, her heart racing.

She was nervous.

She should be, for the creature kept locked behind this door could demolish your own will with one look, and its stunning beauty and perfection could paralyze even the blind. Sexually broken aria.

‘You are the Queen Mother’.

She assured herself trying to calm her nerves.

A few deep breaths slowed her heart rate a little. Bree olson deepthroat anal hq photo porno.

Her focus and self confidence returned; she unlocked the door.

The only light in the room shone from the corridor.

A huge female form sat crossed legged in the center of the empty room.

“Arise my pet.

Your service is in need.

” The Queen Spanker commanded, although with a little less authority than usual. Most sexy video game characters.

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The sound of tight black leather creaked as the female rose slowly up to her full height of eight feet.

The Queen almost lost her will as the Fembot Spanker looked her squarely in the eyes.

‘What a perfect specimen’ The Queen marveled. Myaukalka webcam model.

The Fembot Spanker, entire body encased in pristine black leather, with exception of her short jet black hair, tapped her boot heel once on the stone floor and put her hands on her hips.

“What is your desire?” The Fembot Spanker questioned with a metallic sounding voice. Indian desi sex free chat free.

“Go to the exit and when you see a man before you, spank him very severely.

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