Riley steele sex hd.

Riley steele sex hd.

I love men telling me what they like while I perform on them.

It makes my job easier and it ensures they will be satisfied, so I was glad Dick was taking control of me like he was.

I licked the entire length of his big ten inch cock on the underside all the way up to the big meaty head like he wanted. Sexxylorry webcam show.

When I got to the top I licked underneath the big mushroom head where I was sure he would get lots of pleasure.

He responded quickly.

"Oh, yeah, babe.

Oh, fuckin' A, bitch.

Lick it good," said Dick.

"Now, put that big head of my cock inside your mouth.

" As soon as I put the head of his cock inside my mouth, I felt a gush of sperm come out of my clitty dick. Strongmanxxx sex chat live.


I was coming without even being stimulated down there.

I pulled down my panty in front and Harry, sitting in the co-pilot seat, saw me cumming.

He quickly kneeled down and licked the cum off of the head of my clitty, sucking it all up like a good lover would with his wonderful tongue. Tease deny sex stories.

It felt like velvet being rubbed on my clitty.

Meanwhile, Dick had both of his hands on the top of my head and he was forcing me to go down his cock further and further each time I came back up.

His slippery wet pre-cum started to come out and I knew he was enjoying the blow job I was giving him, immensely. Dating girls for sex without upgrading.

That was what I wanted him to do.

A happy client was a return client.


That's how a whore has to think.

I started thinking about swallowing Dick's cum and showing him how much I loved it while I did.

Nothing was better than a mouthful of cum to me.

That was why I became a tranny call boy to begin with. Sex slave mother vids.

The money was nice, too, but the cum was what I was really after.

And this man's big balls sure held a lot of it.

I'm sure lots of girls get paid to suck cocks, but most of them do it for the money not the cum they get.

My mouth was open wide and I was ready to deep throat this stud good. Salomeandsall free live sex cans.

He pushed my head down hard to where I had at least nine inches of it inside my throat.

Oh, fuck, what a turn-on it was for me.

I was so turned on that my clitty dick was staying hard, even though I had just shot a load of cum that handsome Harry had sucked up for me.

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Oh, ho is me.

I'm just a slut and I know it.

That's why I became a hooker and then a call boy.

So, I could use my sexual prowess with men to earn their cum and their money.

Now, I was earning their respect by sucking a big ten inch cock all the way down while they all watched. Valerie rios porno.

I was sure that Phillip and Harry were ready to come, too, from the show I was giving them being a good slut for Dick.

It occurred to me that I could make all three men cum at the same time.

That would be a new personal record.

So, I started sucking Dick faster and I reach up with my hand and stroked it for him, too.

"That's it, bitch, yeah, suck it," said Dick.

"Suck that dick good, you little slutboy.

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You're a good little slut, you know that, Courtney?" While I continued sucking his hard cock, I nodded my head 'yes.

' "Get ready to swallow the most cum you ever had in your life, you little bitch.

This is it.

Yes, oh, yes, baby.

I want to cum in your mouth good.

" I couldn't wait for it.

Riley steele sex hd.