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Incredulous, he must have been, to see her riding me like that.

He spread his arms with disbelief when I caught his eye and I signalled him to go back out and wait for the next set while Roxy continued riding me.

He obliged, as I knew he would, giving us our space and privacy even though I knew he was dying to come ashore after spending that much time in the water. Free amazing sex movies.

I want you to do filthy things to me, Roxy whispered in my ear, quickly returning my focus to her.

You can put me on my knees, spank me, choke me and fuck my ass nice and hard.

You can gag me with your cock as you fuck my mouth.

I wanna deep throat all of you, suck your balls, tongue your ass, and be your dirty girl.

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I’ll do anything you want, every dirty perverse fantasy inside that head needs a nasty little surfer girl like me to bring them out, don’t you, Leo? And fuck.

What could I say after that? How could I resist the kind of offers she made as she continued moving on my cock, milking me from the inside. Sex chat for women.

Her hard nipples rubbed against my chest and her breath was hot in my ear as she told me things I’d never heard any girl say before.

It got into my head, bred itself into my unconscious mind and drove out any sense of logic that remained.

I just pulled her down harder, shoving my fingers back into her ass and relished the sensations of my cock pulsing wildly on the other side of the thin wall of skin as she continued to grind on me.

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When she came for the second time, I savored the way her hot little pussy contracted around my cock.

My hands ensnared in her hair as I gripped the back of her head and drew her mouth back to my own, undoubtedly bruising her lips with the overwhelming fervor I had for her. Firs bisexual video.

You’re going to be mine, I remember telling her.

Or at least that’s what I remember saying when the hedonistic fog had rolled in deep.

To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more violent orgasm than that first climax with Roxy.

It drained my balls, making me almost lightheaded as I filled her with copious amounts of cum. Completely free sex chat.

Even after the orgasm, when as my interest for girls often dissipated with fast one-night stands or chance encounters, I was still absorbed by everything about her.

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I offered her a towel to clean herself up, but she refused, teasing my lips with hers and telling me she wanted to feel my cum inside her on the ride home so that I could fuck it out of her later on. Tamil sex chat live.

I probably could have been hard again in minutes, but I fought to keep my cool.

Relax, Leo.

You don’t want to look over eager.

Even so, I knew there was no way I would let her go after this.

We had already made arrangements for her to come back to my house later that day by the time Zane finally wandered in from the surf. Hoot fuckking in bath.

He was grinning wildly, but Zane was subtle enough not to state the obvious.

Roxy, however, was utterly shameless about it.

She smiled at him with a little shrug.

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You must think I’m a little reckless.

Oh, you’re definitely trouble, he teased.

Ask Leo.

I said so from the start. Free sweet girl fucking tonight.

Roxy threw me a glance, giggling.

Technically I’ve had my eye on him for a while, she told Zane.

Lucky guy.

Roxy winked at me.

I think we’re in for a fun ride together.

If I could have gone back to that first day on the beach at Surfrider, I would have played it all so differently. Olivia del rio porno.

I would have pulled myself back onto the harsh shores of reality and not gone after her like the sweet spot on the inner crest of a wave.

But I was drunk on her back then, intrigued by everything about her and all the things that made her so vastly different from any other girl I’d known.

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Roxy was an addictive sexual elixir and I wanted to have some more.

Back in my SUV, I was still riding on a cloud of arrogance and feeling like I’d conquered my female Everest.

I still had to drop Zane off at his place, and he was rattling on like we were back in high school, eager for all the details. Male muscle webcam.

He seemed ready to give me my due credit for pulling off the stuff of player legends.

Holy shit.

You fucked her! Like really fucked her.

I’m not sure I’ve seen daytime fucking at Surfrider before.

Nicely played, Rockstar.

After a full nine months of pining for beach pussy you finally closed the deal in like, what – an hour? Free chat room for sex greece online.

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So fess up, what did you say to her to get her that hot for you? Fuck off.

I have game, I lied.

I actually enjoyed being a little pompous about it.

That’s how we rolled, always trying to one up each other.

I had known Zane since we were kids and he was like my big brother. Hindi sexy video chat.

It was in my nature to want to impress him and make the story bigger than it was.

I embellished all the details, making it appear like I’d been the one to proposition her with the bet.

I wanted to be King for a day, as juvenile as that sounds.

Not to mention that it was in my best interests to downplay Roxy’s sexual savvy. Mfm threesome sex.

I didn’t want to hear the run down of all the reasons why she was a slut and way out of my emotional league, which he inevitably would think she was.

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He would have looked down on her and cast her off as yet another California dime piece.

I inwardly cringed when I revealed that she’d told me that she was a model ‘slash’ aspiring actress.

"Slash surfer girl, right," he’d laughed.

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