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that was.




" I splutter out after I regain coherence.

She's just sitting there with a serene smile and a wet face.

"You're fun, and taste even better when you're coming.

Very, very nice, but those other lips look neglected, let me see what I can do.

" We start kissing again, and while I want to taste her, she doesn't rush me, she's into cuddling, which I really enjoy, post orgasm. Iliza_bleu free webcam men.

So we snuggle and kiss for about fifteen minutes, but then I can't wait, I want her, so I push her onto her back, and start kissing my way down.

They are D's, but with fine dark nipples, and I suck them as hard as I can.

Every vibe is telling me she wants it a little on the rough side, so I bite down softly and her gasp tells me it's exactly what she wants.

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Yes! This is how I like to love women! I spend no small amount of time on those beautiful nipples, and I'm so into it that I can feel myself getting wet again! I kiss my way down and her skin is so soft, but she is so toned and tight, an athlete for sure, and that's my favorite type! Sexy girl in webcam. I run my hands all over her hips and ass and slowly stroke her thighs as she spreads her legs for me, but I sit back because I want to use my fingers and hands before I taste her sweetness.

The thigh highs excite as they always do, and I lovingly run my fingers across the bands and up and down her legs, and I lift her left leg to caress it softly and then I gently kiss my way from her toes all the way up and plant a soft kiss on her neatly trimmed patch, I lean back and do the same on the other leg, and I'm getting so wet now, but I don't care if she knows I have a fetish for stockings, I've actually come from just caressing myself in them without even touching my pussy, that's how deep my little thrill runs.

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I kiss them, I stroke them, I let my cheek caress the inside of her nylon encased thighs, and I sigh with pleasure and anticipation before I kiss my way up to her waiting pussy and I kiss it sweetly and her lips open up so I drive my tongue in as deeply as I can to taste her sweetness. Nikki benz anal fuck.

She spurts a bit of wetness in a mini-orgasm but I do so as well at the same time, god, her pussy is sweeter than honey! I lick her passionately as my fingers caress her legs through the ebony mesh, and the electric thrill runs from my fingertips to my pussy and another mini-orgasm shivers through me as I suck on her clit and she lets out a small gasp as she quivers as I gently bite down with my lips.

"Harder, baby, harder!" she moans and I use my teeth and she shrieks out "Yes!!" as she gets even wetter, wetter than any girl I've ever known!

Men having bisexual sex. I go to bites and licks and in a few moments she erupts in a massive climax that fairly soaks me, but I don't care as I keep licking and sucking because I want this sexy woman to come as much as possible! She's loud in her orgasm, and that just encourages me, but she eventually slumps backwards and I pull away. Sex caught on camera youtube.

I look up at her beautiful face and she is lovely with her eyes closed, but a smile of pure bliss on her face.

I gently reach in to kiss her and she opens her eyes.

"I am soooo glad I had the guts to offer you a drink.

" I fall back giggling.

"So am I, so am I!!" We cuddle, talk, kiss, cuddle, discuss each other's outfits, and I fess up to my stocking fetish and she says if I enjoyed tonight, there's more where they came from.

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We keep talking and I wonder if there will be a round two, or if I should ask to to spend the night, because I'm not 100% sure how she feels, but the talk gets sillier and sillier and eventually a pillow pops me and the only thing I can do is retaliate! People caught on camera having sex. The pillows don't fare well, and I feel bad that she'll get charged, but we're having fun! Finally a good shot by me knocks her back a bit, but as she goes backwards her hand flips out and knocks her purse off the night stand.

It crashes to the ground and spills it's contents; a wallet, some makeup, a ticket of some sort, a comb, a bottle of perfume, and finally, a 9mm Browning pistol with an engraved stock, sporting a back and silver star.

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I look up in wonder at her.

"Oh, the gun? A girl can't be too careful these days because I-"she reacts faster than my punch and she dodges quickly enough that it only glances off of her collarbone instead of taking her in the throat, which would have killed her instantly. Sex and the city 2 online free streaming.

She's on her feet and so am I, but neither of us is close enough to the gun.

Mentally I kick myself, SHE was the agent we were looking for in the club! I'd been relieved, and was only looking for a good time, and now my fellow agent was back at the club looking for the assassin I'd just slept with! "Oh, this is too rich, we're both in the same business?" she laughs, but there is no humour in it, she will kill me, or I will kill her.

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I don't plan on dying tonight.

"There's a difference, you kill people for fun and profit, I'm trying to save lives!" I shoot back.

"Save your own!" she says with a snarl as her kick glances off of my hip, not a major hit, but I felt it as my chop takes her in the thigh, not enough to take her out, but it scores and she winces as she pulls back.

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