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Katelyn pushed her hands in past the waist-band of my underwear, feeling for my manhood, as she pressed herself up against me, wrapping her free hand around me. Hookup live free online sex chat line. We kissed, until one of the other guests called Katelyn out.

You go girl!” said one of Katelyn’s friends as she splashed past us.

Katelyn blushed, taking a step back from where she had been mauling me.

“You have to share,” declared another friend that waded in my direction, beads of water streaming from her chin and wet hair. Australian sex chat girls. She was a dark-skinned girl, with huge brown eyes.

She had a very exotic, southern Pacific Island girl look, with high cheekbones and a great figure. Live video sex hd. She stepped between Katelyn and myself.

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“I’m Shy,” she said, “but I am not shy.”

I wondered how many times she had used that line. Sss sex girl chat. She raked her long fingernails across my chest and then down to my abdomen, as she stepped closer to where I stood in the waist deep water. Her hand found its way to my crotch and she didn’t hesitate to check things out.

I looked at Katelyn, who stood stoically by, as her friend copped a good feel of my man parts.

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