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My cock is rock hard at this and no one is even here.

The real fun begins when I put on my white satin blouse.

Before, I was just your regular cross dressing slut, but putting on this blouse starts getting me into character. Amelie pure pic porno.

The ruffles down the center of it are the ultimate height of femininity along with semi-high shoulders, but the leather skirt and the six-inch black patent leather stiletto heels I have on have put me into full on mistress mode. Naked sex photos malayali.

Why mistress instead of master you ask?

Because when I'm en femme, I prefer to take on a female persona while still maintaining my masculine identity.

I'm not a trans person nor do I wish to be one.

I'm a guy with a cock and I love having it wrapped in the most feminine apparel. Olgakiss8800 animal sex chatrooms.

With that said, I've also always been attracted to cross-dressers, transvestites and shemales.

I too find it strange that things penises normally repulse me, but as soon as one puts on a pair of panties, or in any way tries to pass for female, suddenly I can't imagine that cock anywhere but my ass or mouth.

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I go back to my bag and grab the bottle of Bushmills to settle my nerves.

I know they'll be here soon.

Once I've settled my nerves, I hear their car pull into the parking lot. Botswana sex dates.

I take off the heels and quickly put on socks and a heavy bath robe.

Neither of them has seen me like this and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I hear their idle chat as they approach the door and knock. Chat no login sex.

I open it at greet them both with long, passionate kisses.

I can tell they're both just as hot and heavy in the loins as me, but they'll have to wait.

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