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Susie was staying over at her friend Jenny’s house.

Jenny’s mother (she called her Mrs C) was an attractive woman, in her early fifties.

Susie often thought she was a little old fashioned in her attitude towards her daughter’s choice of clothing and seemed a little strict on Jenny, especially when it came to curfew times. Mora3334 malayalam sex onlain.

However, Mrs C was always kind to Susie and, because they lived a lot nearer to the town centre, Susie stayed round there at the weekends, sometimes 2 or 3 times a month.

Before they went out that night, Mrs C had told them that 11pm was the curfew time and not a minute later, or else! (Which she said in a half joking way but also seemed to mean it).

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They went to the local cinema with a group of around 5 friends from college and by 10pm, they found themselves sitting in the park just outside the town centre swigging some cheap wine which one of the older boys had taken from his parents fridge.

There wasn’t much to go around and when the last swig was downed, they all emptied their pockets and clubbed together enough money to buy 3 more bottles of the cheapest wine available from the local all night store. Erotic webcams.

Before they knew it, the clock had crept past 11pm and Jenny, half drunk by that time, was frantic with worry.

Hastily saying goodbye to their friends, Jenny dragged Susie by the arm and hurriedly walked back to her mother’s house muttering under her breath how she was in big trouble and there would be hell to pay.

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Susie had never seen her friend look so worried and put it down to the drink they had consumed.

She remembered Jenny’s Mum telling them that the curfew was 11pm but didn’t think much of it.

After all, they would be home by 11.

20pm, only a few minutes after their curfew. Amazing women having sex.

As they walked towards the house, Susie could see that the lights were on downstairs and heard Jenny mutter ‘shit’! They opened the door to a very sour looking Mrs C.

If looks could kill she thought to herself.

Did I or did I not say that the curfew was 11pm? Papana cam xxx sex video. Said Mrs C Jenny kept quiet, but Susie thought she should say something, But we’re only a few minutes late Mrs C, we just lost track of time.


Susie heard a soft ssssh from her friend.

Jenny Carpenter, you know the rules, go to my room and wait for me there. Xnxx fre webcams.

Susie, I suggest you go to your bedroom and get some sleep.

Perhaps it will help clear your head from the alcohol.

Jenny quickly hurried up the stairs and went to her Mothers room.

Susie followed after her, and went into the guest room, which was hers for the night. Antigua and barbuda girls looking for sex.

She wondered what was going on, her friend seemed very distressed and ashen faced.

Susie was putting on her nightdress, when suddenly she heard raised voices, followed by a slapping sound.

Oh my God she whispered, unable to quite believe it.

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As quietly as possible, Susie made her way across the landing to Jenny’s mother’s bedroom.

The door was slightly open so she risked a quick peek through the opening.

She couldn’t believe what she was watching.

Jenny’s mother was seated in a large upright chair, and her daughter was bent over her knees with her panties around her knees, getting a sound and methodical spanking. Man fucked by two shemales.

All the while, Jenny’s mother was scolding her for returning home late and making it quite clear that the spanking had just begun and that she was going to be very sorry by the time she had finished with her.

After a few minutes, Mrs C picked up a large oval hairbrush and continued Jenny’s spanking.

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This seemed to cause her friend even more discomfort than the hand spanking and Jenny’s cries increased in volume until she was sobbing out loud and promising the earth! After about 5 minutes, the spanking stopped.

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