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An eerie silence filled the entire prison.

As I walked past each cell, a few more pairs of scowling eyes would pierce through me.

It is a good thing they are all behind bars, or they would have probably attacked and killed me, although, their evil eyes did a pretty good job of killing me inside. Penetration sex imges.

It brought me back to high school again, to when I was an outcast, where everyone hated me for no apparent reason. Bbw boobs webcam.

All I ever wanted was a friend, but all I ever gained was more enemies, less popularity and more loser status.


There was this one bitch in the prison, who bullied me in high school.

She had claimed to be my best friend, but had just faked it for years, ending our friendship with her final words that would stick with me like super glue, "I was never your real friend. Babblesex chat.

I just felt bad that you were a loser, and all of my friends knew that.

All you are is a pathetic loser.

That's all you will ever be.

" The word loser still echoes through my head sometimes, which creates a feeling of broken glass traveling through my veins, cutting up all of my insides.

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As I passed by her cell, our eyes met for the first time in years.

The girl I had once loved, staring at me beyond the strong, unbreakable, silver bars. Fuckbuddy chat no signup.

After those words she said to me, she had tried to apologize, telling me how sorry she was, but none of it mattered.

She was dead to me.

As I passed by, in what felt like slow motion, I noticed a single tear, falling from her soft, ocean blue-green eyes. Badhotgirl new porno video.

Her eyes seemed so much different; different than the ice cold stare, that used to pierce through my eyes and scan my brain.

Sex jennifer lopez hd.