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Both men were looking for an opening and building up their fighting nerves.

Pauhacutec was fairly confident that he could take this strange yellow haired man–he was a brave and well known warrior and one of the best fighters in the village.

He had won many battles with other tribes and had captured and killed several enemy warriors. Live sex usa banglali cam4 chat.


Anderson appeared weak and scared (which he undoubtedly was) and Pauhacutec looked for an easy victory.

Suddenly, he let out a mighty war cry and charged Dr.

Anderson with his spear raised high.

Pauhacutec ran full speed at the white man and Dr.

Anderson stood awaiting the spear and certain death. Seks webcamera.

But at the very last minute, Dr.


Anderson thrust the spear point into the ground and ducked out of the way, holding the shaft of the spear in his hand.

Pauhacutec missed with his spear and his charge was halted when he tripped over Dr.

Anderson’s canted spear shaft. Wife fucks long black cocks.

Pauhacutec tumbled onto the ground, but rolled back up to his feet.

He grabbed his spear again and looked at Dr.

Anderson with sheer hatred in his eyes now.

This yellow hair was making a fool of him and he was going to kill the man! He charged again, screaming wildly as he rushed him, spear in hand. Old women ass fucking naked fuckbook 2018.

This time Dr.

Anderson swung his spear low and caught the warrior across the shins.

Pauhacutec howled in a mixture of pain and rage and stood once more ready to charge.


He wanted to run Dr.

Anderson clear through and this time he was not going to be fooled again! Yukyhotsex completely nude live cam chat. He ran full speed at Dr.

Anderson with his spear at waist level ready to impale him when suddenly he stopped short.

He stood there for a minute dumbfounded.

He looked down at the spear sticking out of his chest and then looked at Dr.

Anderson as if to figure out what happened. Free sex chat with lady in online without user name and password.

He collapsed in a heap as the rest of the village gasped.


Anderson had hurled his spear at the man and killed him–apparently, none of them had ever thought to throw the spears; they just used them as stabbing weapons! The whole village had to take a couple of moments to process what had happened.

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No one had ever seen anything like it and they were all looking at Pauhacutec like they expected him to get back up! Finally, though, the realization that he was gone sunk in and the villagers began whispering amongst themselves.

Finally, Chief Acahuana spoke, trying to settle the crowd: You have won. Batman and catwoman sex scene.

You have bested Pauhacutec, my warrior.

As agreed you are free to go.

Now leave my village and never return!he said, pointing the way out of the village.

Two other warriors used their knives to cut the ropes holding their wrists and the Americans gathered up their belongings and headed out of the village quickly before the Chief changed his mind.

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This time they took the path that led them back to the Jurua River and their boats.

Tika led them and they all moved as fast as they could, wanting to get as far away from the Yupanqui as they possibly could.

They didn’t stop until it was just too dark in the jungle to travel safely and they laid down, posting a guard so that they wouldn’t be caught unaware again.

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