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They paused for a minute, catching their breath and adjusting to the feeling of being so intimately linked with each other.

As Paul began to move slowly inside him, Mario closed his eyes and clenched fistfuls of the bedsheets on either side of him.

Even with the lubricant, it was a snug fit and every small movement took a good deal of effort and care. Webcam sex toys.

Paul could feel himself being squeezed, bringing his long-awaited orgasm into view on the edge of the horizon, just far enough off to be aware of.

As it grew more comfortable for them both, he began to thrust steadily, pulling out to about half his length before pushing back in all the way. Moms cam porno.

Mario’s spent cock began to fill with blood again and he timidly reached down to hold the organ in his hand, too sensitive still to stroke.


Paul took a firm hold on his thighs as his thrusts became more confident and he began to truly fuck this young, Italian man. Huntington naughty girls on webcam.

The sensations for them both were amazing, every re-entry like an electric jolt through both their bodies.

He pumped into him harder and faster, losing himself in the heat and rush of the moment, spurred on by Mario’s grunts and whimpers of approval.

Leaning forward to plant his hands on the bed and bending Mario’s legs back over himself, he started to rut ferociously, thighs slapping loudly against buttocks and sweat streaming down his face. 3d live sex.

His orgasm galloped towards him from the horizon, growing more vivid and detailed by the second.


And there it was, right before him, almost catching him by surprise with its sudden arrival.

He was ready, though, and hastily retracted his cock, grabbing it firmly with his right hand and jacking it just a few more times before unleashing a massive load over the cock, torso and face of his astonished lover, accompanied by an almighty groan. Milena d porno sex.

Mario let his legs fall down from Paul’s shoulders and droop off the bed on either side of him.

With one hand, he scooped up some of what had landed on his face and licked it from his fingers unhesitatingly, savouring the taste.

Paul, all energy having now left him, collapsed onto the bed beside Mario, pulling his face towards him for a grateful kiss and tasting himself on his tongue.

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They lay there silently for a while, breathing heavily and enjoying the cold breeze drifting in through the window.

When Paul looked back across at him, he saw that tears were silently streaming from his eyes—he had entered into mourning for his marriage. With kannada girlslive sex chat.

What have I done? His remorse was real; he knew he had done a truly bad thing this time.

Mario woke an hour later to a knocking at the hotel room door.

He was still lying bollock-naked on top of the bed, semen dried into his chest and freezing from the open window. Hidden cam gay sex tube.

There was no one at his side and no sign of Paul or any of his clothes or things anywhere around the room, as though he had vanished into thin air.


Another knock made him jump to his feet and scramble to make himself decent for the mysterious midnight caller. Tamanna sex picture.

He opened the door shirtless to find his wife, Denisa, looking both stern and deeply confused.

Sexy mature home vidoes.