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Then, she pulled her head off to the side and whispered, "Would you like to have some kinky fun, Phil?" My cock throbbed ever harder as I answered, "Uh, yeah, whatever.

" "Is it okay if we don't have sex?" Totally confused now, I sputtered, "Um, yeah, sure," as my mind spun crazily trying to figure out just where this was all going.

"Go ahead and take your clothes off, Phil, do you mind if I make a phone call?" she asked as she picked up her cellphone and punched it. Free trial sex cam.

As she stood there with her phone to her ear, I heard a phone ring in the other room.

"Hi, it's me, could you come in here for a minute?" she asked as she grinned a sexy smile.

I was now standing there in her room naked, she had pulled up the front of her sundress now as her door opened and Paula came in.

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She was taller than Jana and had rather large breasts tightly held in a tank top which showed her protruding nipples.

"Here, Phil, get down on the bed," she asked and I lay down with my cock angled up at the headboard.

She got up on the bed, still in her sundress, swung a leg up over me, pulled the dress up and lowered her bare pussy down on my face. Sex video jasmin.

As it came close, I could see a black patch of hair above the slit which was glistening with wetness.

Then she pressed down wiping herself up and down over my mouth and I sucked and tongued her as she went along.

She was sopping wet as she slid back and forth across my face, stopping sometimes to wiggle her pussy on my tongue.

"Oh, god, yes, mmm, oh, Phil, mmm, I knew you'd be good.

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Oh, make me cum, baby, make me cum," she cried as I felt her lips close over the head of my cock and begin to suck.

It had been about a week since I'd had sex, and the lead-up to all this was erotic enough, so please don't blame me when I tell you that my abdominal muscles tensed, and I began cumming into Jana's mouth as I felt her begin to tremble and shake as she scooted back and forth.

"Mmm, mmmn, mmnn, mmmnn, mmm," she groaned as she sucked and sucked. Free texting phone sex at 11735 party.

Finally, she let my cock flop out of her mouth as she got up and moved next to me.

"That was just what I've been wanting for weeks.

Do you think you have something left for Paula?" she asked.

"Um, well, I think so, I'm certainly willing to try.

" "You're next, roomie," she said as Paula quickly pulled of her tube top bringing her large, firm breasts out for me to admire.

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They had to at least be double-D's and didn't sag in the least.

Then she soon had her shorts and panties puddled around her feet as she stepped out of them and crawled onto the bed to swing a leg over me and took up the same exciting position Jana had so recently vacated. Anna peaks porno.

Her lips slipped over my cock and began to suck as she lowered down to touch my mouth.

She was shaved smooth as I licked up and back along the wet groove between her legs.

I could feel a hand rubbing my chest softly and had to assume that it was Jana, as I probed my tongue into her friend while she sucked me so nicely. Local girls to fuck in blakesburg ok.

Paula was rubbing herself all over my face, she was sopping wet, my face was just drenched as she rubbed back and forth, groaning up over me with my cock in her mouth, giving me a truly wonderful suck.


Well, Jana was correct about us not having sex if you use the definition proffered by a certain political news maker of the nineties. Myafka www vidio porno mexico com.

So, perhaps this was just relief, relief from a stressful job, a heavy workload, a way to defuse the sexual tension between a doctor and an attractive nurse that might otherwise destroy a marriage.

Right then, I didn't worry about it, I just lustily devoured the hot, wet pussy I was presented with as I got my cock so sweetly sucked. Chatrandom sex video.

I can tell you that Paula sure knew what to do when she had a penis in her mouth.

It took a bit, after all, it was my second ejaculation of the evening but we did get one another off quite nicely.


She, like Jana, had turned around afterwards as we held each other and kissed quietly. Virtual porno chat room.

Then, after a few minutes, she whispered, "Thank you, it as fun," and got up, grabbed her clothes and went back out of Jana's room.

Jana, now beautifully naked, got back into bed with me and we necked and made out for about a half hour, then we did oral sex again. Remy lacroix new porno 2019.

We talked a while, naked in each other's arms, and she told me what she wanted.

"I really like you, Phil, but I know you're married.

I don't want to mess that up and cause any problems.

But, I really liked what we did tonight and would like to be with you like this maybe once a week after work, so we can both enjoy this together.

" Well, an offer like that from a woman who looks like Jana is pretty hard to turn down, at least it was for me.

"I think I'd be very happy to be together with you like this like you want.

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Yes, I'd love it," I answered as I kissed her.

"And Paula, if she is here, would you like us both? She has no boyfriend at the moment.

" Well, that began my weekly affair with Jana and Paula, which is now into its second year.

No, it hasn't changed into intercourse, it's still oral, but it's about as hot as a guy could want and I'm sure happy. Snapchat usernames sex.

My body is alive it needs your cock my hunger increases at the stroke of the clock I can't stop thinking of you as I touch your hardness your love it means so much I can't get you out of my mind and I yearn for times we had before my ass felt the burn against a hard wall you pushed me that day and my cunt gushed forth at your cock on display you gave it to me hard I cried and I screamed the passion unleashed Yes, he’s happy just to recall the way she squirmed against that wall now she begs him for one more go as tongue on clit makes juices flow and thighs spread wide to encourage entry his cock stands rigid as the tallest sentry frantic, her voice begs for what she’s lusting and his hardness invades with furious thrusting deep, so deep into her cunt, so hot, so wet longing to give her what she’ll never forget my legs now around his waist as he pushes wanting to feel his seed deep, inside as it gushes keeping my arms up high he is an animal growling controlling me, shafting me loving my howling others pass us unnoticed so intense is our fucking we tear at each other all writhing and bucking I have to scream out as my world just explodes awash with my orgasms he'll soon shed his load his cock throbbing madly and it’s just like a dream spurting and jetting inside me, his cream.

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