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She’s hot, wet, soft, beautifully contoured inside and she spread her legs wide, saying nothing but leaving me in no doubt that she wanted it deep and hard. Daddy fucked my virgin pussy story.

Which she got.

Fucking her cunt with those two fingers as deep and hard as I could, her breathing coming ragged and fast, her hips bucking against my hand, occasionally kissing me with her incredibly soft (pierced) tongue in my mouth (with apologies to JM – one pair of candy lips and her bubblegum tongue), her hand on my upper arm, guiding me, urging me on. My free sex chat.

I made a point just now of saying which fingers I had inside her, because after a few minutes of those fingers driving into her pussy I made a slight change.

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My forefinger and little finger rested in the crook of her thighs and my middle two fingers worked their way inside her.

I had used the first two fingers rigged, like a replacement cock, fucking her fast and hard and deep, but with the new finger in her I bent them, hooked them up inside her, and instead of sliding them in and out, used them to almost try to lift her off the bed, the hard pad at the base of my thumb pressed hard on her clit, jerking my hand inside her. Amatuer sex party movie tub.

She said afterwards it was the first timealthough she said it might have happened when I was fucking her on Saturday night, but she’s not sure – and I know I’ve never done it to anyone before; it’s kind of hard to describe.

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All of a sudden her cunt burst.

Her juices gushed into my hand, like a wave. Sex personal dating site detroit.

I was looking in her eyes as it happened and she said I almost looked scared for a second but I was just amazed.

I managed to pump her a few more times, and she squirted.

She actually fucking squirted, 1, 2 feet up between our bodies, splashing my chest and the bed sheet with the clear, fresh, almost totally odourless fluid. Kira thorn sex.

I had to remember to breathe.

I was kissing her, I was in stunned disbelief, she was smiling at me, so so beautiful.

My hand was cupped on her pussy, fingers still inside her, her juices filling my hand, and I felt like the only man who had ever made a woman squirt.

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She’s been gone two hours and I miss her so much it hurts.

The wet spot on the bed that I kissed time and again after she left is dry now, but I can still smell her on me, and I need her to come back - to come home - soon. Webcam sex live chat free amelia louisiana.

It felt weird to be creeping around my office on Saturday morning.

The empty building was a bit spooky – like being in one those post apocalypse zombie films that my boyfriend loves so much. Top rated sex videos.

I was glad that I had brought him inside to protect me – at least I had been until he decided to sneak up on me after poking around one of the displays.

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