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Bill was over six foot tall with blond hair with a hint of gray.

He was a masculine man with a slim body build; it was evident Bill worked out with weights.

Sam was Bill's neighbor across the hall in the loft apartments.

Sam divorced for two years and had only lived in town for four years. Asshole pleasure girl fuck.

He had moved there to be closer to his wife's family since they were planning on kids.

That was until Sam came home early one day to find his wife fucking on the living room couch by an old boyfriend of hers from high school.

Sam left and never went back into their house. Free video sex chat in canada.

He had his lawyer filed and served his ex-wife the divorce papers.

Sam was an attractive looking man.


He was six foot two with light brown hair and a short beard.

Sam has a well-built body and works out at a private gym four times a week.

Bill had not been too Sam's gym in the past. Hooot_men turkie porno.

Not going to that gym was why Bill had not seen Sam much in town before now.

Sam’s hobby of riding bicycles kept him well toned with strong legs and a tight rear.

Sam was in a Cycle club that often made weekend trips.

Sam had tried dating, but it was not going quite as he had hoped. Porno video mango99.

Most of the ladies he had met were divorced with kids and looking to get married again quickly.

Sam wanted this time to be a better choice than his prior marriage.

Sam had seen Bill but only had said hello a couple of times when coming and going from the apartment.

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Sam thought Bill looked like a good man.

Sam did not have anybody in town to hang out with as friends.

He was still hurting from his divorce.

Bill was bringing in a bag of groceries and some wine when the two met at the doors.

They said hello to each other like before. Varlena tamil sex chat via gmail text.

Bill mentioned he is going to make some dinner, and if Sam wanted to come over about seven there was going to be plenty.

Bill sensed Sam was kind of lonely.

He had not seen Sam with anyone during the times he had seen Sam coming and going from his apartment. Hotmakenzie desisex chat porn.

Sam agreed to come for dinner since he had nothing planned and it was Friday.


Bill was making spaghetti with salad and bread.

He liked making that for leftover dinners later that weekend.

Bill was not a great cook, but he did take time preparing a good meal and was glad Sam was coming over. Big tits asian fucked on train by two guys.

Bill wanted to meet Sam, who looked like a friendly guy.

Bill’s male friends were all married and had things to do on weekends.

Bill cleaned up the apartment and while things cooked he took a shower and changed into soft gym shorts and a comfortable T-shirt. Nataloshka simple mobilesex porno.

He finished making dinner and set the table for two.

The TV was on a baseball game, and some jazz music was playing low in the background.

Bill uncorked the bottle of red wine and filled his glass halfway and sat down to relax.


Sam had taken a shower and changed into his weekend comfort clothing. Catwoman porn sex.

Sam was looking forward to a home cooked meal and getting to know Sam.

He looked through his wine collection and selected a bottle to bring over to Bill’s place as a gift.

Sam went across the hall and knocked on the door about seven.

Bill invited him into his loft. Young grils naked sexy feet.

Sam noticed Bill had a plush place decorated with art and oriental rugs on the hardwood floors.

Bill’s loft was larger than Sam’s place, nicer amenities.

Sam mentioned this to Bill when they were chatting about the building’s unique design.

Bill asked, Would you like a glass of wine, to Sam. Mugen kirakira ru zhoushoku without sex cross.


Sam said, Sure that sounds good; I brought a bottle for you.

Bill said, Thanks, this is the same wine we are drinking right now.

Bill told Sam, Dinner is ready if you would like to eat.

Sam said, Let’s eat it smells good.

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