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I laughed to myself a little, but was also slightly nervous about the fact that I’d now have to face the other guys, whether he’d tell them he’d fucked me and if it would affect the mood for the rest of the trip When I finally got myself out of bed I put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts and tank top and went out into the kitchen. Sexy urban legends tv series softcore torrent.

The apartment was less of a mess than I thought it would be.

All the guys were already up and dressed for their day of golf.

A few of them teased me a little about how rough I looked, and I told them to give me some coffee.

One of my friends, a really sweet guy who I’ve always been close with was dressed in running clothes, and said he was going to spend the day in the city too, then went out the door for his run while the rest of them sat around laughing about the previous night.

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I drank coffee and chatted until they started filing out the door.

I stood up, hugged them, and told them to have a good time.

The last guy to leave the kitchen was the friend who’d who fucked me.

He gave me a bit of a predatory look, and it was obvious he’d stayed behind to grope me. Sexy all poto.

He put his hand on my waist, squeezed my breast a bit roughly, and grabbed the bottom of my ass.

Having his fingers so close to my pussy turned me on again.

He kissed my neck, which made me shiver, then told me to be a good girl for the day.

I took a long, hot shower, got dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a thin t-shirt, then laid on the couch looking at the news on my phone, sipping coffee, texting with a guy I was seeing.


I told him we had a good night, but not about getting fucked yet.

I’d tell him about that in person so I could get him off.

A little while later my friend came in the door, sweaty from his run.

He had his shirt off and looked really fit.

I’d hooked up with him a couple of times, but I don’t think I remembered how good-looking he was. Cam 2 cam sexy.

I thought his wife was lucky that he kept in such good shape while so many other guys let themselves go.

He said he was going to jump in the shower, then we could talk about what we wanted to do for the afternoon.

He came out of the bathroom in just his boxers and asked how I was feeling. Juniors naked on webcam.

I said my head still hurt a little.


He turned around, and came back out again with a glass of water and a couple Advil, handed them to me, and sat next to me while I swallowed them.

It was a sweet gesture.

I was holding my head a little and he started to rub my shoulders and the back of my neck. Older women looking for sex kenosha.

It felt really good, and I pulled my hair up for him.

He kept going, using his strong fingers to rub out the hangover knots.

After a while I put my head against his chest, and my hand on his stomach while he started rubbing my back.

It felt really nice to be comforted. Saragrey13 karala live sex.

His body felt warm and toned and he smelled good, so I curled up a little more and fully rested my head on him and closed my eyes.


It felt like the perfect time for a nap.

After a few minutes of silence, he chuckled and asked if our friend had let me get any sleep at all. Indian lesbian sex chat.

He must have told them he’d fucked me as soon as he left the room in the morning.

I hesitated a little, then told him I really didn’t remember much of what happened, just that I’d woken up naked beside him and that we’d obviously had sex.

He asked if I felt weird about it, and I told him that I still have a very active sex life and that it was alright with me. Lookin to chaska minnesota where to fuck girls.

He said he remembered, and after hesitating said he still thought about me once in a while.

His cock shifted a little as he said it, and I put my hand on his leg while he kept rubbing my back.


I wanted to push his buttons, so I kept going.

I told him that the guy I was seeing had an open mind and encouraged me to be slutty, and that he even got me to blow his friends once in a while. Telugu free now sex.

By now his cock was obviously hard, and he was reaching around to graze my tits while he rubbed me.

He said he remembered the last time we hooked up, about how we snuck off to a bathroom and he made me cum with his fingers before I sucked his cock while he sat on the counter. Sex hindi live video.

I laughed and said I’d actually done that with another guy at the end of the night.

He said he knew.

I could tell he was somewhat nervous, but I asked him to go on.

He told me something that I’d always suspected – that all the guys traded stories about how well I could deepthroat, and that they had actually taken turns trying to get me naked.

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I took his cue, and started rubbing his cock through his underwear.

I really love giving blowjobs.

I like the part where I’m literally beneath a man, at his waist and servicing him.

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