The best lesbian sex movie scenes.

The best lesbian sex movie scenes.

Then Holly stood beside the bed and placed one of my hands on her breasts.

The other two remained quiet as they watched.

When I moved my hand southward on Holly's body, she made no objection.

Soon my fingers were grazing through her pubic curls.

Then I reached around and cupped her firm ass with my right hand while reaching up to fondle Ari's tits with my left. Sexy games with your partner.

Will you cum soon? one of the other girls asked.

The way Ari is touching me it wont be long.

Good, I have never seen it happen.

Neither have I, Holly and Ari said in unison.

I was loving the feeling of Ari's hands, and sensed they were inexperienced.


Holly moved her hands to my abdomen and caressed the area gently. All countr?es l?ve hardcore sex webcams.

It had been about twenty minutes since Ari had started stroking my cock, when I knew the end was near.

I announced my impending climax just as I exploded in a very intense orgasm, with long ropes of cum landing on my chest and belly, effectively coating my upper body and thighs. 69kimihot porn mobile sexi live.

Holly's hands had been on my chest at the time, and were also splattered.

Ari's fingers were coated from my orgasm.

Oh my that was a lot.

Holly exclaimed.

More than I expected, Ari added.

I've got to try this.


Ari then began licking some of the cum from my chest and belly, and she seemed to enjoy the taste. Sex hotel hidden camera.

Let me try some, Holly said, and placed my softening cock between her lips.

She sucked gently, licking me clean.

Nice taste, Holly told me.

Wish you could have shot off in my mouth.

They all dressed, leaving my cabin with smiles and giggles.

I wished that I did not have to leave for home, but my job demanded that I did. Free wife adult webcam sex.

As I drove home, I knew the memory of the erotic event would stay in my mind for many years.

March 19th, Dear Diary, I've begun to lack empathy.


Especially for the men that I toss myself between.

I give no sympathy for their plights against hurting me.

I hear their complaints and reservations, their pleading voices begging to show me something more, but I do not listen. Chaturbate free adult live webcams.

Their instructions are always the same - do as I say, or get out.

Some of them walk out with the intention of never returning, but most of them don't, and the ones that do - always reappear eventually.

I suppose they are intrigued by the prospect of beating me before furiously stabbing their manhood inside my body and it brings them crawling back with acceptence of what I want to be done.

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Even if it sickens them to do some of the acts that I wish.

Sometimes I get curious to know what makes them so enticed by wrapping their hands around my throat as they penetrate me, to find what distinguishes these men from those who aren't so.

differnet. Riley reid sex tube.

But, just as the interest springs forth, it quickly dissipates by the lack of desire to know anything beyond the physical strength and endurance that they possess.

I've developed a checklist for each of the men I take to bed.

A strict set of standards that have become sacred and imperative in order to maintain my self-imposed "lessons.

" Each partner must have the physical power to bring about the most pain, and have enough tolerance and virility to maintain long periods of terrifying foreplay before finally sating their own urges.

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I am not sure how or when I became a slave to sexual pain, but it's now more a drug for me than anything else.

It brings about a high, as well as serving a much greater purpose to me.

Each slash of the whip on my skin or jolt of pain across my cheek have become almost. Free sex hermaphrodite has sex.


I feel closer to reality than I ever have, the anguish providing a sense of stability - something real to cling to that keeps me grounded.

With only the physical and nothing emotional.

I've encountered more freedom than I have ever known with the torment and yet, I am chained to it like a prisoner with a weight around its foot.

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I am a thrall to my symbolic routine.

I worship it so intensely that it has now replaced any hope or faith I had prior.

The fact that I am, no doubt, creating turmoil inside the minds of most of these decent men makes no never mind to me.

Every new man is a new experience with new smells, touches, and tastes that most women would probably relish in for the rest of their lives if given half a chance, but to me - they all still remain nothing more than a carefully chosen sacrifice in the ritual to harden my shattered, hollow heart.

The best lesbian sex movie scenes.