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Everything all crashed together at once and my mind, body and soul were convulsing in one connected blast of pure joy.

It was all I could do not to scream out like a mad banshee.

I bit my lip, worked my pussy relentlessly, and squealed until I’d milked every last pulse of pleasure from between my legs. Live sex squirt.

I fell back and gasped for air.

The cop had dropped his flashlight on the ground and was kneeling next to my head.

What a sweet dirty slut you are, he hissed between gritted teeth.

I still couldn’t see him as anything but a dark shadow against the grey clouds, but I could tell he was jacking his cock just above me. Women looking for sex in arcadia nebraska.

He grabbed my hair and turned my face toward his dick.

Take it you fat, fucking whore.


With that I felt warm spurts of cum hitting my face.

Three, four, then a fifth.

It was on my forehead, my cheeks, in my hair, across my nose, and running into my eyes.

I was repulsed and gratified all at once. Miss_kate sex tamil live.

He was cumming for me.

Seeing my pussy made him cum like that.

It felt like some kind of accomplishment and in a sick way I was proud of it.

He let out a final grunt, then I felt the head of his cock press against my lips.

I opened up and he shoved his cock into my mouth. Videos webcam solo mom.

The salty tang of his semen hit my tongue, and I obediently sucked him clean.

After a few moments, he pulled out and slapped his dick against my chin a few times.

The police officer gave one of my big boobs a grope before he stood and zipped his pants.


He picked up his flashlight and shined it in my eyes. Porno anal bella bella.

Don’t let me catch you out here again.

He took a few steps back.

Now get your fat ass home.

The police officer turned and went to his car.

I lay frozen on the ground, afraid to move.

Thick trickles of cum ran down my face and dripped onto my neck.

My left eye was stinging. Free live sex chat in skype girls without any paying credit card.

I ran my tongue over my jizz-covered lips as the police car slowly pulled away.

Everything was still and silent again.

I wanted to cry, but I didn’t know why.

I had clearly been violated, but had unquestionably taken pleasure from it.

I couldn’t even deal with myself right then. Adult webcam paypal.

I felt like there were people were watching me from every darkened window.


I should have ran back to my house, but instead I stood, brushed myself off, and walked to my back yard as calmly as I could.

Once I was safely behind my house I should have wiped my face clean and gone straight to bed. Alexoxiksu watch strangers on webcam adult.

Instead, I dropped down to my knees and went at myself one more time.

I replayed the whole incident in my mind and fingered myself like there was no tomorrow.

I came twice more, reveling in the crude delight of a stranger’s sperm seeping down my face and dripping onto my out-stretched tongue. Late night sex chats.

By the time I got myself cleaned up and safely in bed I was more sober in my thinking about what had happened.

It was a frightening experience, but I had been very lucky.

The fact that I was tucked into my own bed instead of sitting in a police station was only due to fortunate chance of that cop being a sleazy pervert.

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Otherwise, my life would be in complete turmoil all because of my juvenile behavior.

What was I even thinking? Yes, running around outside and playing with myself was fun, but it certainly wasn’t worth risking everything for.

I wasn’t going to take this second chance for granted. Sex chat without registration and log in.

I resolved to never step out of my room naked again…or, at least, never outside the house.


The flavor of the officer’s cum was still thick in mouth.

I had to get myself off one more time before I was able to relax enough to fall asleep.

CHAPTER 3: The Female 'O' I found myself living for the next six weeks, in a beautiful surroundings of a mansion of some wealthy, and domineering woman, named Katarina but I was forced to call upon her as 'Mistress', while she called me 'Adam', as well as being alongside a woman who I would call 'Eve'.

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Already, she had took control of my body, emotions and my masturbation, as she watched me jerk off to a point in which she forced me to stop before I could cum, then allowing me to cum later that evening just for her.

Next, she decided to call upon Eve for pleasure of admiring her beauty. Sexchat with me skype.

After I had jerked off and cum for my Mistress, and felt drained of not only sexual lust that evening, but also energy, my Mistress allowed me to retire to my room, to shower and seek sleep for the remained of the night and awake the next morning.

Little did I know, that as I had got myself ready to settle down, back in the room my Mistress had dropped to her hands and knees and licked up all of my cum off the floor.

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She was hungry for something else though, in her strange and disturbed mind of control.

She worked her way up the stairs, and found herself outside one of the rooms.

As she opened the door and entered inside, across the room and laying under the covers was Eve. Telugu sex chat yahoo.

Still wide awake, and watching as Mistress entered the room, shutting the door behind her and slinking her way across towards her.

She stood over the bed, at the side and looked down upon this pretty, young and innocent girl that looked up at her.

"Eve, did you like what you saw earlier? Sexy nude teenage light skin girls. Did you like looking upon Adam's naked body, his heaving, slightly muscular chest and arms, and his cock that grew and pointed towards your naked body.


You, the arousal that placed him in sexual desire to touch you and be with you?" Mistress asked Eve.

"Yes Mistress.

" Eve replied.

"Did it make you wet as you looked upon him?" Mistress continued her slight interrogation of her.

"Yes Mistress, it got me aroused looking at a naked guy!" Eve answered. Tiny webcam amateur sex.

Mistress smiled, a wicked smile upon one corner of her lips.


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