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Then without warning, she slapped him in the face with a loud smack.

I'm divorcing you, she said.

I'm sending copies of this video to your parents and employer.

You wouldn't dare, bitch! It's not my fault that you're a boring fuck! Paula finally spoke up. Sakura sex comic.

Shut up, Scott! I don't know what I ever saw in you… She looked at me with sad eyes while the video continued to broadcast her infidelity.

I am so very sorry, Tony.

I didn't know these pictures were being taken.

I really do love you.

Take a look at the time stamp on these pictures. Freesexlivechat.

Some go back to ten years or more.

You've been cheating and lying so long you have no clue what love is! Do you live in some alternate reality where you profess your love for me and then fuck someone else?

Tony, please let me explain.

It–it was a mistake. Oliabitch sex chat online mobile.

With Scott it wasn't love.

It was just… sex.

Bull shit! I've had dozens of opportunities through the years to cheat.

Guess what? Unlike my supposed friend here I kept my dick zipped in my pants.

Whatever marriage we had ended ago when you spread your legs for dick-wad! Indian girl sexy chat. You can't talk about me like that, asshole! If you were a real man, she wouldn't have come to me! Scott shouted and tried to stand with clenched fists but I put my palm on his forehead and easily pushed him down on the sofa.

Are you serious? I scoffed. Onefoxy webcom sex usa fb.

You're going to give me a reason to beat you senseless? Just sit there and say nothing.

What are you going to do, Tony?

Paula asked through teary eyes.

That is a good question.

I need time to think.

I never make good decisions while I'm angry, and trust me… I'm as angry as they come right now. Gif sex threesome.

I contacted my financial manager and have instituted some changes to my accounts.

I'm going to take a sabbatical and carefully consider my options.

Paula, you will receive a list of financial parameters that I consider generous under the circumstances.

I've already talked to Brad and Gina and bought the condo for them. Bunny glamazon porno.

I shared nothing with them about this unsavory drama, but they are both smart kids and will figure out that something is amiss.

You're leaving? Paula asked in puzzlement.


Don't ask where I'm going and don't try to call.


I purchased a new phone and the only one that has my number is my chief executive. Porno nicol.

Just like you to run away, Scott stated.

I walked over and stood motionless in front of him before my knuckles found his nose with a splat.

Blood gushed forth.

Scott cradled his face in his hands and screamed, You fucking bastard! You broke my nose! Sorry, fuckface. Free chat cybersex.

I told myself I wasn't going to do that.

I think your new nose might give you some character, and God knows you are sorely in need of that.

I chuckled as I walked toward the front door.

I’d love to stay, but my cab is waiting and I have a flight to catch. Milf threesome sex video.

I walked out the door with no intention of returning.

oOo One year later… I tapped on the door rather than attempt to use my key.


I didn't consider this my home anymore and no one had a clue I was coming.

The door swung open and Paula stood there staring, not recognizing me with a full beard and uncut hair. Black fuck book webcam.

Can I help y—Tony! Oh my God! You're home! She threw herself at me as I stood motionless.

She hugged me tight and attempted to kiss me, but I turned my face.

Brad and Gina are here along with your mom and dad.

Where have you been? I haven’t heard from you in a year! Sluts looking to fuck. I tried to call you but they wouldn’t give me your number.

That was the idea, I replied.

I stepped in the house and it was almost overwhelming.

Nothing had changedfrom the furniture to the pictures on the wall.

The scent of the place made me feel as if I was home. Where have free sex in norman oklahoma.


Dad! Brad came running and almost knocked me over.

Gina followed closely behind him, kissing my cheeks.

I hugged them both.

I love the look, Brad said, pulling on my beard.

I held him at arm’s length and evaluated him.

You've filled out, son.

It's her fault—he glanced at Gina—She drags me to the gym every day. Peach sex game.

I gave her a thumbs up and asked, Where's your mom? She'll be here after she gets off work.

Her boss is a real slave driver.

I need to go clean up for your ceremony, I said.

I've been on the road for a few days.

I walked into the master bedroom, followed by Paula. Camilastar garl to garl fuck live video3gp.

As I opened my closet, I found my suits, shirts, and underwear exactly as I’d left them, and my toiletries were still in place.


If you want to take a nap after you clean up, go ahead, Paula said.

And if you want me to join you… I will.

She simpered.

I resisted sleeping with whores for a year. Two way sex chat iphone.

Why would I start now? Tony, that is uncalled for! I'm still your wife.

I haven't seen Scott since you left.

Well, kudos to you for that, but what about Bob Sanders, Matt Dickerson, and Carl Bukowski? I asked smugly.

Her face went pale as she said, You've had me followed? Sexy beauty nude porn. Of course! I needed to see whom I was married to.

I have a feeling that your affair with Scott was more you than him.

You fooled me once, but never again.

By the way, I had DNA tests done to assure Brad was my son.

She gasped.

He is.

Now leave me in peace while I clean up. Flash game super sexy it.


oOo The graduation was wonderful, watching Brad and Gina receive their degrees: Brad in Science and Gina in Business management.

They decided on an August wedding.

I don't know how much they knew about what happened between me and Paula, but they were smart and were sure to figure it out. Amirah adara porno vk.

Their graduation gift from me was to pay for their graduate school.

Plus, they had open job offers.

oOo Three weeks later… I sat back and watched Susan sunbathing in the nude on the fantail, as I trimmed the sails on our new yacht.

During my time away in Florida, I learned to sail and scuba dive. Eroticindianb sanal sexs chat sohbet.

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