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I gasped out loud, and he instantly stopped.

Are you, okay?” he asked.

'Yes, oh yes.' I responded, surprised but pleased at his solicitousness.

“It's just that no one has been there before. But please don't stop, I want you in.”

I was thrilled by what was happening and wanted more. Jose responded by pushing himself against me. Slowly my sphincter opened to his pressure. Suddenly the head of his cock popped in. I'd never felt anything like it. I moaned.

“Okay?” Jose asked with excitement in his voice. Dalionpro www tamillivesexcom. My anal deflowering was obviously exciting him too!

I nodded eagerly, “Oh yes. Keep going.”

Jose pushed himself in a little further, paused, and then with a last thrust his body pressed against me and I knew I had the full length of his cock inside me.

He paused again to let me get used the sensation, and then pulled back, stopping with his cock head still just inside me.

I turned my head and looked at Gemma. Her face was flushed. Knowing the voyeur, she was, I was sure that watching Jose fuck my ass was turning her on.

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