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I fumbled with the key in the door.

I was nervous, I hadn't been with anyone other than Rose for over a year and a half, and I never wanted to cheat on her, but the feeling was too much, I had to have Laura.

She hurried me through the door and immediately found the bedroom, where she stood innocently admiring the decor. Older woman looking for sex jacksonville.

I laughed and moved over to her.

It was more relaxed this time, we weren't scared about being caught.

I grabbed her by her waist and lay her down on the bed, slowly lifting her shirt as I kissed up her body.

She had a great figure, and tremendous breasts. Sinnamonsugar live model sex cam for android.

She pushed me back and removed by top, and then my bra.

She massaged my breasts and teased my nipples with her tongue, as my legs were straddled either side of her.


She then rolled me over so I was flat on my back and started to slide my jeans off, kissing down my legs as she did it. Best sex stories online.

I knew I was soaking and very turned on by her.

She ran her tongue back up over my thighs and up to my pants, grabbing them with her teeth and peeling them down.

I felt waves of pleasure, I wanted to feel her fingers on my clit, but she wanted to tease me, grinding her body on top of mine. Porno chat private videos model karenherrera.

Finally, it was too much, I grabbed her hand and guided it under my pants, I could feel the wetness.

I groaned as I felt her warm touch.

She definitely knew what she was doing and had me near orgasm within minutes.

I didn't want her to stop, but I really wanted to repay the favour.

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I flipped her over and slid two fingers inside her, she moaned and flinched with pleasure.

I moved my fingers in and out, slowly at first and then building with speed as she neared climax.

After the longest ejaculation I had ever imagined, Mitch’s thrusts finally slowed to a halt and he knelt panting, his cock still embedded in my wife’s vagina, his hands still gripping her hips, trying to catch his breath. Kannada free sex chat.

Alice’s head was flat on the couch’s cushion, her face bright pink with the intensity of her orgasms, her arms hanging limp, her back heaving with laboured breaths.

I had never seen her so thoroughly fucked, even by Steve and certainly not by me.

After a moment, Mitch leaned forward and pulled her waist into his.

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Alice was still like a rag doll, completely pliable in his hands.

He lifted her face and chest from the cushion, so that she sat back on his strong thighs, her back to his chest while between his knees, his flaccid cock slipped from her spent body and a wet trickle of fluid followed it onto the marble floor, forming a small pool beneath her swollen vulva. Www localsexvideo com.

To my surprise after the violence of their mating, Mitch then began showering the back of her blonde head, her neck and her shoulders with small soft kisses.

Alice stirred in her stupor and automatically turned her head until his lips could reach hers. Hot sex datin.

They kissed lovingly and deeply for a long time, his hands stroking her slender arms and thighs in gestures almost of adoration.


Carmen and I stood motionless in behind the hedge, our breathing loud and heavy for what seemed like a long time, my head full of the smell of her perfume and a slight trace of aroma from her well-masturbated vulva. Adult sexy games.

It was suddenly incredibly erotic.

Then Mitch rose to his feet rather clumsily and quickly, and kicked off his trousers, pants and shoes before dropping to his knees and slipping his arms underneath my helpless wife’s limp body.

He lifted her effortlessly and carried her across the lounge to the inside door behind which were the hallway and bedrooms. Hot sexy japanese milf.

He opened the door, carried her carefully through it and it closed slowly behind them.

Now on to Chapter Eight.

Jesus! I sighed gazing into the empty lounge open mouthed.


That was awesome! And I don’t think he’s finished with her yet… Carmen added, Come on, Mister Cuckold, time for bed! Hot in orgy sex tub wild. Straightening up and releasing my groin, she quickly led me round the outside of the apartment and back into her and Steve’s bedroom through the open French windows.

He’s taken her to your bedroom next door, she hissed as we entered, keep quiet and listen! Preteen mini girl young webcam sexy us. The bedroom was in darkness as she led me across to the bed where we sat side by side, listening.

After a short while, noises soon began to filter through the thin internal wall.

First there was giggling then the low tones of Mitch’s masculine voice followed by the familiar higher notes of Alice’s. Medved-xxx free live sex videos.


Her words were indecipherable but she sounded happy and excited.

There were more words from them both, then a long period of silence.

They must have fallen asleep.

I eventually whispered, but Carmen shushed me.

Wait, she said, it won’t be long now.

She was right. Webcam no regesration login sex.

After less than two more minutes of silence, we heard it; the slow, quiet knock, knock, knocking of the bed head striking the wall as in the next room, Mitch began to fuck my sweet wife for a second time.

Christ! That was quick! I hissed, amazed at his speed of recovery. Dj sex chat com.

The blessings of having a young lover! Carmen grinned and squeezed my hand to her lower belly.

I could feel her softness, heat and considerable dampness clearly.

Lie by me, she said softly.


I did as I was told and for a long time we lay in silence, listening to the sound of the bed head knocking against the wall; an impressive testament to Mitch’s stamina – or perhaps because he had ejaculated so recently. Free sex cam girls no sign up full nude.

But then as the knocking gradually grew faster, the sound of creaking springs broke through followed quickly by a woman’s voice moaning loudly.

She’s going to cum again! Carmen hissed excitedly.

Already! He’s amazing! she said and I felt my fingers being forced down into her groin, her panties now soaking wet with arousal. Korean sex bomb.

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