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I asked him about it.

While he was clearly ashamed of his feelings, he admitted having them.

” Nodding, I said, “A Real man isn't supposed to be excited by the image of his wife in the arms of another man. Hot teen tits webcam.

” “You had the same problem.

” “Of course I did.

” “Are you over it?” “Pretty much.

What happened after Jerry admitted to being aroused by your infidelity?” “We talked about it for several weeks.

It quickly became a sex fantasy for both of us. Brazillian boy fucked by man.

When we made love Jerry would go down on me while I described an evening with another man.


” “That sounds hot.

” “Believe me, it was.

Eventually we decided to do it for real.

We picked a Saturday night because Jerry wasn't working. Indian webcam nude girls.

I invited one of my regular men friends over.

Jerry hid in the bedroom while my friend fucked me in the living room.

” “I gather that it went well.

” Rhonda smiled.

After my friend left Jerry attacked me with a passion I'd never imagined. Black clip free fucking.


It was amazing.

” “The night before last I had my first opportunity to listen to another man fucking Jeanne in the next room.

It was amazing.

” Laughing, Rhonda said, “You and Jerry are very similar men.

” “I'm not sure that makes me a good bull.

” “On the contrary Michael. 40 old mature sex.

I think it makes you a potentially outstanding bull.

You see, you understand.

” “Okay, I guess that makes sense.

” “So are we going to do this?” Asked Rhonda.

“I'd love to do it.

Jeanne's eager to try it too.

Does Saturday night work for you and Jerry?” “Michael honey, when Jerry hears about this he'll be like a little boy waiting for Christmas.

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