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Just live your life to the fullest and have fun.

If you just let go and live, I’m convinced that you will find your own path and slowly develop your own values and morals.

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I dropped one hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy.

She was getting wet quickly.

I want to fuck you, turn around.

My voice reflected the ardour I was feeling for Carol.

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Oh God! I yelled out as I heard her giggle.

Fuck me, baby.

Fuck me.

I heard her say into my ear.

She matched my thrusts with her finger.

Every time I pulled up, she pulled her finger up.

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At the shallow end of the pool, Ashley again leaned back with her elbows on the deck of the pool.

"It's dark enough so I don't seem too brazen," she thought, "But bright enough for him to see that I'm not wearing anything.

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Then, with no warning at all, the guy fucking her moaned out loud and repeatedly humped his hips hard at her rear – each thrust into her accompanied by a spurt of cum from his invading cock and swollen knob-end!

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London let my wood out and peeked at him.

"Are you serious, Joe?" "I just love you that much, Mom.

" She grabbed onto his rod and kissed him.

As their lips were together, my mom came up and got behind me.

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Of course, Jill and mom were lovers, although this was much more akin to proper discipline, rather than erotic, with Jill turning mom back into a good girl.

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That security guard surely got a show on the cameras.

Rick and I showered each other in the women's dressing room.

We dried each other off and got dressed.

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As the first of many orgasms I was to feel that day hit me, I moaned and writhed on the machine in complete bliss.

But soon my "friend" would turn on me.

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Alexander, that’s fine, and I’m sorry about your dress.

” “I’m sure the dry cleaner can fix it,” she said smiling, and with that she released his throbbing organ and stood up, but instead of going to get something else to put on, she reached down and pulled the hem of her shirt over her head and tossed it aside, leaving her standing naked in front of him.

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I’m sorry, mom, I didn’t mean anything, Tyler said, realizing his mom was a bit perturbed at his reply.

Julie wasn’t really upset at her son, and said, I’m not mad, honey, I just want you to be respectful of a woman’s needs as much as your own, and then she thought of a somewhat devious way to show Tyler why she couldn’t stop when he walked in on her, and she boldly said, So I noticed you got an erection when you were watching me, and it looks like you have another one right now.

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The kiss started out gently.

At first I was timid and we merely pressed our lips together.

But slowly, the emotions started to overwhelm me.

I did love my stepbrother.

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Teasing them down she stared intently at me as my dick sprang into view.

I desperately hoped she’d start sucking me off but I was soon to be disappointed.

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Every nerve in her body was on fire with wanton, greedy hunger for more.

She swung her ass back and forth, from side to side, in shameless desire, looking every bit the degenerate that she was.

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A moan escaped my lips as he pulled slowly out, then he slammed back into me pulling me towards him by my hips.

I'm not normally noisy during sex, but that night I couldn't help it, the pounding that huge dick gave me was just so great.

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Travis could feel her cunt spasming and her cum flowing over his cock.

He fucked her harder as he watched her orgasm take over her body.

He continued to slide himself in and out as he watched her face contort, listened to the moans from her throat.

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Dave had begun to play with her breasts again, and Kevin could see how hard and aroused her nipples were.

Some husbands, on catching their wife in the act of giving head to another man, would have burst in and beaten one or both of the guilty parties over the head with a convenient item of office furniture, like a telephone or a chair.

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She was smart and articulate and very attractive and the more time we spent together the more at ease we were and seemed like we knew each other a long time.

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But Sue was only getting started.

She slid down Dory's body, nibbling at her navel as Dory lay there panting.

Before Dory had a chance to resist, Sue had traveled below her waist and placed her face at Dory's crotch, wrapping her arms around Dory's thighs and pulling her cunt to her face.

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John gently laid her down upon an enormous bed before carefully placing a pillow beneath her head.

Lifting Amy's slender leg, John removed one of her spiked heels before repeating the motion with her other leg.

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It was oozing plenty of precum, and I was enjoying the taste of it as his cock head slid between my lips.

His cock did taste a little different than Larry’s, and I’m not sure if it was due to the precum, or just that black skin has a slightly different taste.

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Indeed, she can feel herself getting filled by Ted's penis, and it feels very comforting.

Ted starts to move faster, lifting Sarah up and down on his cock.

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She listened to him, and nodded slowly to his words. “Yes, Master,” she said at last, and let out a shaky breath.

“I love you, Silmaria. Fuck the girl you really want in hockingport ohio.

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Christine took the pearls and positioned the strand so that each half straddled her inner labia.

She held them firmly against her friend and ran them along her friend's vagina, so that each pearl rubbed against Emma's swollen clit.

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She removed her leather seat cover, and slid my tumescent cock into her.

It was bliss.

I’d never felt anything better.

She began to move up and down on me, sliding my shaft into her an inch at a time.

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From the arms secured tightly behind her back and her ponytail, I yanked her forcefully back to me with every quick yet long thrust, ramming into her pussy with all my strength.

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I breathed heavy, where I kissed her ankles and lower legs.

I stared down to see Amy looking back up at me.

"That felt wonderful, thank you!" I told her through gasps for air.

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Thanks, honey.

I know part of you enjoyed last night, but I know some of it was also hard for you, her smile was wistful and knowing, telling me she really did get it about the mixed feelings I also went through.

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He sucked on Jen's clit and she squealed into the pillow, her whole body going stiff as she came.

Then she turned over onto her back and Adrian leaned in, still licking and sucking, with Jen's legs now wrapped around him.

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I rode a bus from the base into the city.

Getting off the bus I had to walk several blocks to her place.

I first discovered the bar on a whim.

The whim being a March rain shower.

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In a few minutes I was giving him a mouthful of cum in great jerking spasms and he drank it in and swallowed it.

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"I want you, you gorgeous boy" he breathed again into my ear," I want to fuck that sexy bum.
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Pointing at it and laughing, my girlfriend Barbara said, Look Jim.

Just as I thought.

Then she told her ex, Jim, Move over here and put your cock on his lips.

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He gets on top of me and asks if I’m sure.

Too nervous to speak I nod.

He slowly slides his dick into my virgin pussy.

I won’t lie, it hurts.

I have masturbated with a brush handle a few times before, but that doesn't prepare me for the real thing.

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Pulling his cock away from her mouth, he continued to probe her pussy with his fingers, until both were so wet from her cum.

He pulled his mouth away from her clit, leaving his fingers to penetrate her.

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He took a one more step that was a little to the side to straighten himself up before pushing against her.

Jack could feel her muscles tightening as he tried to push the head of his cock inside.

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