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His lips feel smooth and soft and his hold is no longer forceful but delicate as if he is afraid to hurt me. Gay male webcam chat. I whimper against him, my whole body is shaking with undeniable pleasure that screams to be released.

Every second he takes, not releasing my pleasure, creates a fire that burns through my whole body. Young gay boy webcam tube. His soft caresses brings sweet agony and I pull him in closer, desperate for both the cause and the cure.

For once in my life I tremble around a man, feeling completely exposed to him. Gay webcam chatroulette. My hands shake for the first time in my life and I almost don't know what to do. I realize that this is the first time I had let myself be with someone as long as this and with so many emotions involved. I feel terrified and strange, but most of all, I am excited. I smile and kiss him again, happy to have experienced such a feeling as this.

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"I'm sorry Ella, I lost control," he whispers into my ear.

"Don't apologize. Gay webcam video chat. Its part of who you are and you can't ignore it.

Don't forget I've got mine too."

His shoulders tense and my hands rub circles around them.

"Ella, did you try to kill me the night at the club?" he asks and pulls away from me, holding my face inches from his.

"No, I lost control.

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