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I just was hoping he wasn’t going to treat me terribly.

I could have sex with him but hoped he’d be willing to let my mistake slide.


Lewis walked into his office and shut his door.

He looked at me with an anger.

Miss Parker, I’m sure you know why I’ve called you into my office. Cutiedesire sex video chat in tab.

Please enlighten me and tell me why I shouldn’t fire you.

Tell me why you sent that bracelet I told you to send to Carol to my wife Agatha.

Why in hell did you make that mistake? My wife didn’t find your mistake very funny.

In fact, she was quite pissed off. Hentay- free guest sex chatting.

She doesn’t like me rubbing my affairs in her face.

I’m so sorry.

I realized I did something horrible.

After I realized what I had done, it was too late to fix it.


I couldn’t reach you to tell you what I had done.

I feel awful and stupid and know that I’ve fucked up. Nickasya free online live webcam video calling on girl.

Please, sir, don’t fire me.

I’ll do whatever you say to do.

I really need this job.

I’m so sorry.

Sorry isn’t going to fix things.

Sorry isn’t going to have my wife not be mad at me.

Sorry isn’t going to make my mistress happy that the diamond bracelet I bought her, is now my wife’s favorite possession. Sexy naked petite women.

You made a terrible and horrible mistake.

I think it’s time for me to fuck that round ass of yours.

I think you will stand up and remove your clothes.

This is the only way to fix this mess.

Miss Parker, you’re going to have to be my ‘love slave’.


Unless you want me to fire your ass? Sex club dp. I realize I’ve made a mistake.

I need my job and will just do as you say.

I will be the slut you’d like me to be.

I promise to not fuck up anything in the future.

That’s right, you’ll do as I please.

Please dear, take off your clothes.

Let’s get started.

Please lock the door and get naked dear. Brunette horny mature fingering on webcam.

I first, want to spank you for your terrible mistakes.

" I took a deep breath and started to cry.

I knew he was planning on using my body.

He would humiliate me and make me do things that I probably wouldn’t want to do.

I knew to save my job, I’d have to do these things. Interracial lesbian sex sites.

I walked over to the door and locked it.


I pulled down his shades and walked in front of him.

I unbuttoned my linen jacket and unbuttoned my silk blouse.

I took them both off.

I unzipped my skirt and put that also on the chair with my other clothes.

I was left in my bra, thong, thigh high stockings and heels. Grannies fucking hook up site.

Miss Parker, don’t you look delectable.

Come and lay across my lap.

I’ve got to spank your gorgeous round ass.

Come on pretty girl.

I was mortified and walked over to him and I did as he said.


Lewis massaged my round butt and swatted me several times with his hand. Sex vidoes xxxx.

His slaps stung my buttocks.

With each swat, he rubbed and massaged my red cheeks.

Take off your bra and thong.

Sit on my desk and masturbate.


Make yourself come, Miss Parker.


I was so nervous and scared to masturbate in front of him.

I had only done that in private. Free morehead girls fucking morehead.

I’ve never had another man ask me to do that in front of him.

I knew he was perverted and would love to watch me.

I was hoping he didn’t have any of the toys that I had bought his lover in his drawer.

I remember ordering her a huge dildo.

I was hoping he wasn’t going to use that on me. Sex chat in trinidad and tobago.

I removed my bra and my thong.

I hopped up on his desk and opened my legs.

He sat on his chair and loosened up his tie.

He was enjoying the control he had over me.

I could see that his pants had a bulge.

I knew he’d ask me to give him head eventually.


I spat on my fingers and moved my hand all over my pussy. Amateur mom webcam.

Finger that beautiful pussy.

Come on, dear! Make yourself come.

I want to taste your juices.

Show me how you masturbate.

I continued to rub my pussy and pushed several fingers into my cunt.

I fucked myself with my fingers.


Lewis played with my breasts while I fingered myself. Sexting chat log sexy.

Put your fingers into my mouth.

I want to taste your cream.

Come on Miss Parker.

Be a naughty secretary and do this for me.

I continued to fuck my pussy with my fingers.

I pulled my fingers out and placed them in his mouth.

He sucked them liked popsicles.

Very tasty. Cheap asian webcam sex.

Your cunt tastes lovely.

I think I want to taste it.


I’ll go over to my couch and you can sit on my face.

I want to taste your juices.


Lewis walked over to the couch, he was smirking and licking his lips.

He found great joy in telling me what to do.

I was a nervous wreck. Striptease on webcam.

I hoped he was enjoying me.

I was mortified and shocked that he was making me do these things.

I didn’t want to have sex with him.

I wanted to keep our relationship platonic.

I was already fucking so many of the men in the office.

I didn't need people to know I was fucking the "big" boss. Sarah-clark chatubate usa online sex.

Everybody would think I was sleeping with the boss to get ahead.

My office life would be embarrassing and uncomfortable once the news got out that I was having sex with Mr.

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