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Lena moaned at her touch.

Mike was relaxed back in his seat just watching.

His attention peaked when Rebeca ran her hands down alongside Lena’s breasts and massaged the area more than she needed.

He could hear her moan as Rebeca continued to massage her. Web camera sex video in kerala.

Rebeca moved back, then poured more oil in her hands and moved down to her legs.

She started with Lena’s feet working the oil in before moving up her legs to her calves.

She used more oil and continued to work her way up to her thighs.

She slowly worked her way until she was right at the crease of her thighs and mound. Teen threesome sex gif.

As she ran her warm hands through the area Lena softly moaned and flexed her legs open a bit further.

Rebeca glanced over at Mike, he was sitting there with his complete attention on her and Lena.


She also noticed his right hand was inside his robe and the robe was moving in the obvious way of him stroking his cock. Senxualgirl tamil girls web camera sexx videos.

She thought, time to turn up the heat it looks like.

She ran her hands along the edges of Lena’s pussy a bit longer before working them up over ass under the edge of the towel.

Taking the towel, she pulled it off and poured oil directly on the top of Lena’s ass so some of it would run down along the crack coating her anus and pussy as it dripped to the table under her body. Free onlain sexmobail chat.

She started working her hands over Lena’s ass, massaging the oil into it.

She was sliding them all over, lifting and playing with each cheek.

Lena was moaning and lifting her ass up.

Rebeca recognized it for it was; a woman that was becoming very horny.


She continued to work one hand over Lena’s ass but moved the other along the crease between her cheeks. Sweetpussy200 chat russian sexy vidio.

As she did, she glanced over at Mike and he wasn’t even bothering to hide now.

He had the robe open fully exposing his hard cock that he was slowly stroking while watching her work his wife into a frenzy of desire.

Rebeca’s fingers caressed Lena’s anus. Melodyofenjoy animal porno.

She gently rubbed a finger over it, running it just at the pucker causing Lena to moan out.

She moved on until she was slipping her fingers over Lena’s swelling pussy lips, feeling how puffy they were with excitement already.

She massaged the oil into her pussy, slipping her finger between the folds of Lena’s pussy until she finally slid a finger into her.

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Lena moaned out yes and spread her legs further apart for Rebeca.

She took this as permission to continue and continue she did.

She started moving that finger in and out while using her thumb to massage Lena’s pucker.

As Lena started responding more, she added more fingers to her pussy until she was fucking her with all four fingers. Tranny jade getting fucked.

Then when she felt Lena ready, she cupped her hand into a wedge and proceeded to work her whole hand inside Lena until she was filling her pussy with her hand.

Lena yelped at first and then nothing but protracted moans escaped her lips as Rebeca worked her hand back forth in her pussy. Casual sex san bernardino.

She was lifting her pelvis off the table to meet each thrust of Rebeca’s hand as it moved in her.


It wasn’t long until she let out a long-protracted moan saying she was cumming.

She closed her legs around Rebeca’s arm holding her tight.

She shook and shivered as her orgasm ran through her until she finally just went limp on the table. Krisstaxx www usa free sex.

Rebeca gently pulled her hand from Lena’s pussy.

It was dripping with cum and oil from Lena.

She already had her plan worked out.

She turned and walked over to Mike and knelt down in front of him.

He was staring wide-eyed at her after watching what she had just done to his wife but his hand was still firmly around his cock. Victoriaaaah lesbian girl sex with animal.

Rebeca reached out wrapping the hand covered in cum and oil around his hand and cock saying, I’m the masseuse, I’ll take care of your massage.


Mike slid his hand out from under hers.

Once his hand was out the way Rebeca worked her hand up down his cock spreading the mix of his wife’s cum and the oil all over it. Chat webcam girl.

She ran her fingers around his head and under it along his sensitive glands.

As she was working her hand around his cock, she slipped the other one under him cupping his balls.

The way he was reclined in the chair was perfect for her to fondle them.

After having him good and lubed she started stroking the length of his cock. Porno video chat ruletka.

She would work all the way to the base before gliding her hand back to the head.

She was giving him the massage he deserved but she could also feel by his balls slowly tightening realizing that this massage might not be a long one.


Rebeca continued to work Mike’s cock in long strokes, pulling the skin tight as she reached the base and then gathering it up as she moved towards the head each time. Phim sex online hot.

He was moaning and raising his hips up to her as she continued unhurried.

He didn’t know how long he could hold back but was doing his damnedest to make this last.

Rebeca could feel his struggle not to cum to quickly but she also knew how charged up he would be after watching her fist fuck his wife. Vr porno riley reid.

She wanted him to enjoy it and not fight it.

She reached up with her hand that hand been fondling his balls and rubbed it across his bare chest making sure she stroked his nipples.

This caused Mike to stiffen and moan loudly.

Finally, there was no holding back for Mike.

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Rebeca had sped up her pace stroking his cock.

She was squeezing him tight as she pumped it.

Then Mike bucked his hips hard letting out a moan.

Rebeca stroked his cock faster knowing he was cumming.

Mile let loose with several hard ropes of cum landing on his chest and stomach. Jennifer aniston sexy images.

Rebeca continued milking him for as long as he was cumming.

The last final bit ran down and over her hand to pool at the base of Mike’s cock.

Mike flopped back in the chair panting from his orgasm.

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