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Rain opened the car door for her and they drove home, Yasmin deep in her own thoughts.

Rain looked over at her every one in awhile, waiting for her to speak.

"Who are you that other vamps respect you the way I've seen?" Yasmin asked softly, finally looking at her. Asian women looking for sex in kila.

Rain pulled up into her drive and opened the door.

Yasmin waited, Rain coming around to open her door.

She helped her out and they walked up the walk.

"My family is the oldest living vamp family in the country.

I come from a.

long line of strong genes that have pretty much made us dominant in our characteristics and mental capacity. Free porn wabcamsex.


outlive many of our kind," she said quietly as if in thought as Yasmin opened the door, letting them in.

"How long?" Yasmin asked, curious as she shut the door, both of them taking off their shoes.

"After becoming undead?" she asked, shaking off her coat.

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Yasmin nodded, almost forgetting that small detail.

"Thousands of years.

" Yasmin looked up at her surprised.

Rain nodded, but she looked troubled.


I think it must be hard.

I can't imagine.

living to one hundred, let alone.

" she trailed off.

Rain leaned against the back of the couch and gave her a half-smile, "I can't either. Skype sexcam.

The only things I've wanted in life were to be loved for who I am and to be able to live and die like a human.

" Yasmin felt sorrow for her future and came into her arms.

"Well, as long as this life is in front of us, I am yours.

" Rain smiled down at her.

"Yeah?" Yasmin nodded. Mary marvel sexy.

They kissed gently, their hands roaming lightly, her body pushing into Rain's.

Yasmin pulled away breathless, "I have something for you.


An early birthday present.

Or do you want to wait?" She gave her a sexy look, starting to unbutton her blouse as she walked backwards towards her bedroom. Free online sex chatting with sexy hot moms free.

Rain's gave her a long look, her eyes starting to shimmer and Yasmin squealed, turning and running.

She had almost reached the bed when Rain was on top of her.

They tore off one another's clothes, their mouths roaming.

Rain's fingers pressed against her and she shook her head, panting.

"What?" Rain asked, her eyes now completely black, her lips moist. Bbw sex tok ak.

Yasmin got up off the bed and went to her dresser.

She opened the first drawer and pulled out a small box, bringing it over to Rain.

Rain sat up, bringing Yasmin into her arms and Yasmin placed it in her hand.



if you want to wait, it's ok.

" Rain touched the box, then opened it. Fuck pussy closeup.

Inside there was a small velvet pouch.

Rain bit her lip, "For me?" "For us.

" Rain loosened the string, then opened it.

She tipped it over and out slid the canines.

Her head came up quickly, surprised.

"Are these.

" Yasmin nodded, feeling bashful all of the sudden.

"I got them. Grandblonda porno arabo chat omegle.


But if you don't want to.

" Rain stopped her, putting a finger to her lips, "God, I definitely want to.

I just didn't think you.


" "I do," Yasmin said softly, her arms around her.

Rain licked her lips, her eyes wide.



wanted this.

you to.

" Yasmin didn't think she'd ever seen her speechless. Amber doll for sex.

She took them out of Rain's palm and pushed Rain down on the bed.


Yasmin straddled her hips and took the box from her, placing it on the bed.

She then gently pushed first one, then the other cap on, lengthing her canines, the sharp points thrilling on her tongue. Sextass nude iphone chat.

Rain looked up at her, her breath fast and she took off her own caps, putting them in the box.


the thing is.

if you do this, take my blood, you'll change.

Become more subsceptible to things.

stronger, but.

things are more intense.

everything looks and feels different. Telugu fuck live cams.

I don't want you to change who you are, unless this is something that you want.

" Yasmin studied her, her tongue darting out between her lips, "I want to be with you.

For as long as you'll have me.

" Rain swallowed, her mouth opening and then closing, her words hanging between them.

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Yasmin had been thinking about it ever since they had come together the first time.

Being her scion.

Rain had never asked.

Never once asked this selfless gift of her.

To be her caretaker after death if something should happen.

To be her lover, to stay with her. Fucking lady of the divorced women looking for cock bus driver.

She didn't want to assume that she would ask, but she wanted her to know that if she wanted her in that way, she was hers.

"Yasmin," Rain breathed, her hands moving up her ribcage as she sat up, their eyes riveted to one another.

She could see the question in her eyes, could see her wanting to say the words. Mishellkitten sexy neaked usagrail.

She waited, her hands going to her shoulders.

"Will you.

will you be my scion?" Yasmin felt a thrill go through her, one of intense need and lust and she saw Rain scent it, her eyes fully dilating.


" Rain groaned, holding her close, their bodies pressing against one another.

"How did I ever get so insanely lucky to have found you?" Rain whispered.

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Yasmin pushed her lightly so that she lay on her back and bent at the waist and nuzzled her face into Rain's neck, gently running her teeth over Rain's neck.

Rain let out her breath, her body moving under hers.

Yasmin wanted Rain's first time with her biting her to be like the first time Rain had taken her. Porno plus sex.

She rolled so that they were facing one another and brought Rain's leg over her hip, her mouth sliding over her soft skin, biting lightly.

Rain moaned, shifting into her.

She pulled her head up, her fingertips light on her clit.

"Do you give this to me?" she whispered, sliding her fingers down to her opening.

"Yes," Rain breathed, her eyes full of need and hunger. Spicy j webcam video.

Yasmin's mouth went to Rain's neck, carefully finding the right area and as she slid her teeth in, she pushed inside of her, curving her fingers immediately to find her sweet spot.


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