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I will never walk away from you, and care for you can't you see? Those who always post my page too, and care enough to black box me.

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My loves and lovers of Lush, too many Lushies that I can name, Everyone always in such a rush, and not all can play the game. Valeriahot05 good exhibitionist webcam chat.

But my friends and my lovers, they sometimes leave, Others just take another path and grow distant you see.

Some listen to rumors and lies from the (LBAGC), The (Lush Bitch and Gossip Club) are so mean to so many.

Sad when your friends just leave, without even a goodbye, When you try to post their page and it's no where in sight. Free live ebony sex cam.

You try so hard to smile, wipe the tears from your eyes, You just stare at it for awhile, as your heart seems to die.

But the tears won't stop as you wonder, and you feel so let down, When that blank screen pops up you ponder, "404-Page Not Found.

" You feel left out in the cold, just sadly looking in, This sadness seems so old, and you not like being here again.

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Trying to stay warm, and just want to find your way, Starting over you mourn, to get through another day.

I think of them all, trying at least to stay close, To the ones in my heart, those I care for the most.

I watch them laugh and play, wanting to stay near, No, I'm not gonna cry today, I'm not shedding a tear, As "Hey sexy, U wanna private?" whispers into my ear. Miawallas naked webcam sites.

I see an old flame, a friend who hasn't left yet, So I'm glad that I came, thinking how horny I get.

There are others who are new, saying hi, and hello, Soft kisses, flashing breasts, but it's all who you know.

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