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I felt him just touching my cervix, my pussy stretched to the maximum.

His cock began to throb with his rhythmic shooting of creamy spunk.

Ohhhhh Fuck! Yes, Yes, Yes.

Damnnnnn! I had turned into that shivering and shuddering crazy woman.

I had lost control and only him keeping me pinned to the bed controlled my movements to some degree. Wap usa animal girls monkey sex.

The overwhelming passion began to fade for both of us.

He twisted off of me, his cock still hard and dripping.

Small drops of his cum beginning to ooze out of me.

We both began to catch our breath.

Col you were wonderful! I whispered to him.

Greg, I yelled, did you see what a real man can turn me into? Young bianca fucked in bathroom public agent.

I quietly said to Colby, Go get a shower and just quietly leave.

I need sometime with Greg.

I will call you, we are not over if you still want me.

I want you more than ever.

I look forward to the next time.

You are the best ever! With that he got up, quickly showered and disappeared. Bisexual britni.

I still laid in bed, oozing his cum, mixed with my pussy juice, on Greg’s side of the bed.

Greg was still in the chair.

I see you are still hard, does that mean anything? You can talk now.

He came over to me.

At first I did not know what to think.

I was angry and turned on at the same time. Free desi wife sex image.

When I saw you two together you know I was hard and wanted to cum.

I do not understand this or myself.


Do you still want me? Want me right now? I still love you as much as ever.

And I still love and want you the same, he said.

Get down here.

Suck and lick my pussy clean and then fuck me like you used to! Free online porn sex videos. He did not hesitate.

He licked and sucked Colby’s cum out of me and then fucked me like he had not done in years.

Afterwards I told him that things would be different from now on and if he still wanted me he would have to totally accept it.

I am still going to see Colby, sometimes with you and sometimes alone, but I will always tell you. Huge nipples webcam.

I will most likely see other guys as time goes by and I will tell you if I do.

I need this and I understand you need your work.


This is the way it has to be for me if we want to stay together.

After more discussion we both came to a forgiving understanding. Lailabrasil malayalam sex girls mobail number girls.

He would be a willing cuckold.

We both wanted our life together, it’s pledges and promises had just changed.

The following Friday Greg had to work late.

Colby and I went for burgers and back to his place.

I came home late, with a few drops of him still oozing out. Jailbait webcam video free.

Greg woke up the next morning hard and wanting.

He took me right then and it was the best sex we had enjoyed in years.

As we lay in bed thinking our own thoughts, he nonchalantly said, I smelled Colby on you.

Yes, I went to his place last night and we fucked hard.

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He is working on my ass, I said as calmly as possible.

No reaction to my statement but as coolly as he could be he asked, So when do you think you will have him over again? It fully hit me.

You fucker! You really got off on me fucking him didn’t you? No wonder you were so fervently pulling yourself! Monica bellucci sexy nude. I think we have found a whole new Greg.

I told you last night I did not understand myself but now I do.

You know I love you more than anything, but that was the biggest arousal and excitement of my life, to see you with another man.

To see you used; to see you brought to more orgasms than I thought possible; to see that huge cock in you. Sex chat no sign up or reg ontairo.


When you told me I could not cum I thought I would die.

And when I told you to come over and suck out his cum.

What did you think? I could not control myself.

I would have done anything you asked.

I want it again.

I am your cuck to use as you please, I know that now. Sexydominant gay live on cam.

It would intensely please me for you to have him or any other man, or even men, come over so I could watch you become sloppily engorged and devoured by him.

My new life was just beginning.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Author’s Note: Please comment and vote if you enjoyed the story, or even if you did not enjoy. Webcam girl dog lick.

Feedback helps me get better and motivates me to write more.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.


I hope it pleased you and made you feel it was worth your time.

It was nearly 5 PM when James Seaworth finally decided to put his book down.

"It's no use," he said, under his breath, "I just can't stay focused.

" After a couple of hours traveling by train from London, he was now in a hired car headed directly to his Aunt Rachel's home. Juliennesexy desi chat xxx online.

They hadn't seen each other since her husband's death, over a year prior.

He lived in London, studying and working part time at a well renowned law firm.

Aunt Rachel being his last living relative (although not blood related, as she had been only his uncle's wife) and a good friend, had kept in touch through letters, but James still hadn't found the time to visit in her big comfortable house near Bristol, despite missing her dearly.

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