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Dave, wish we could do this for real, my clit is so fucking hard! Please put the phone near your cock I want to hear you sliding you hand up and down your shaft.

MMMM, I love that sound baby; I’m about to cum here! Oh sweet Kandy , your sexy voice drives me crazy. Myday2017 xxx malayali sex.

I wish your lips were sucking my cock! Oh-my-god baby, make me cum! As I listen, I envision my lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him deep, flicking my tongue around the head and down the shaft.

I love the sweet, tangy taste of pre-cum and jism.

I squealed into the phone, I want to straddle you and slide my cunt down hard on your throbbing cock. Black widow fuck.

Dave, fuck me, oh yes, ram your cock deep in me!

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I love the way it feels.

Harder baby, I’m rubbing my clit hard oh don’t stop baby…I’m about to cum! Yes, oh Kandy I am so fucking hard, so close to cumming! Fuck me honey, ride my cock hard!" All of a sudden I heard him exclaiming, "Fuck, aaaaaaah, yyeeesss, oh I can't hold it back any longer. Online sex chat avenue.

I’m cumming! I’m lost in a trace rubbing my clit feverishly as I fucked my hole with the toy.

When I heard him cum, my body went rigid, and I shrieked, Oh honey I’m cumming! Baby I wish we were really fucking.

I do too baby, you need a man to give you a good hard fuck right now, to clear out hubby’s memories. Halloween customes for anal people xxx sex photos.

By the way doll, if you ever get down this wall we should meet.

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You make me so hot, and my cock hasn’t been this hard in awhile.

Sometimes I have trouble cumming, but hell love to stroke my dick anyways, especially when I have a hot, sexy, big beautiful gal on the other end of the phone. Blowjob cum webcam.

Thanks for the compliment, and I have family down your way, they want me to visit.

When I do I will look you up, because you make me so fucking hot and I cannot resist the urge to fuck and play with you.

Baby your voice electrifies my whole body and I want to cum again and again. Live sex naked java.

Wish you could see how hard my clit is, make me cum again baby, I gasped.

We continued the conversation, as each of us breathed heavily into the phone.

Then he spoke, Kandy, I wish I was rubbing my cum covered dick all over your nipples, then sliding it between your breasts and when it comes close to you lips have you suck the head.

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My head is so sensitive; I can cum by just playing with it.

Ooooh God, I love doing that, when a man plays with my tits like that my fingers or his are in my cunt, and I cum harder! Well then guess you’ll just have to cum again.

I’m not done playing with you at all, I want to make you climax a few more times , before I say goodbye. Nude lisa sparxxx sex.

I quivered hard, and purred, I’ve been known to cum five or six times in an hour.

I know your sexy Cajun accent will make me cum repeatedly.

He moaned, and I knew he was still stroking his cock.

I imagined it rubbing all over my nips and breasts, smearing them with his sweet nectar. Amazing sex anal.

It sends me over the edge.

Oooh fuck, I’m cumming!" When I regained my voice I say, "Dave, you make me so damn horny.

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I wish you lived closer to me.

We could talk, cuddle, fuck, and play more often.

and not on the phone.

Oh, I do too, Kandy …I love the way you cum! South african online sex chats. If you don’t mind me calling, I probably will call you every night honey.

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