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Sliding in and out.

I was throbbing on his finger.

I literally could not speak or think.

The only thing I was aware of was being fucked in two places at once.

Carl started by sliding his finger in and out of my ass.

Then he swirled it around pressing it against the walls of my ass. Beloved_sweet b line porno.

Then he bent his finger and I felt his knuckle pressing into me.

I could feel him rubbing his cock with the finger that was in my ass and I nearly fainted! Carl then did something else.

He put in another finger in my ass! My eyes felt like they were going to explode out of my face. Ruskiy porno.

He pushed both fingers in and I let out a deep grunt.

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Once they were in he did the same thing as he had done with the one finger.

Sliding in and out, swirling, knuckle rubbing and rubbing his cock inside my cunt with this fingers.

But then he spread them. Godman9 sex texting accounts.

Carl widened his fingers inside my ass! I went into a new zone that I never knew existed.

It’s like my whole body became my clit.

Carl pulled out his fingers from my ass and his cock from my pussy.

I could feel the bulbous shape of the tip of his cock pressing into my ass. Seks porno live video moldavia.

I wanted it in there.

I craved it.

Carl pushed it in.




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That married cock was in my ass.

I bet his wife didn’t let him do this to her any more.

That thought turned me on even more.

Yeah slut, Carl said.

My cock is in your ass now.

Fucking slut. Edena lesbian live sex chat.

Yes Carl, I thought as he was fucking me.

Fuck my ass.

Fuck it with your married cock.

Yours is the first cock in my ass.

Your friend Steve never got to fuck my ass.

It’s yours.

It belongs to you.

This was so different from having my pussy fucked.

My ass burned but the feeling was amazing. Indian girl in webcam.

It was like the whole world vanished and the only thing that was left was Carl’s cock in my ass.

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I felt totally dominated.

We weren’t fucking each other.

Carl was fucking me.

He was fucking my ass.

He owned me.

I was his fuck slut.

He was in total control.

Carl pushed two fingers into my pussy and I came as soon as he did this. Gerda011 camgirl.

It was the most intense, explosive, mind blowing orgasm I ever had.

Carl told me that my ass was squeezing his cock so hard when I was cumming that he thought I was going to snap it off.

Wave after wave after wave hit me.

I was screaming and shaking.

It took a while for me to realize what was going on around me after I came. Sexgril us peron viedo.

Then everything came back like in a big whoosh.

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I was still turned on.

Carl’s cock was pounding my ass even harder.

I pushed back against him.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, I said.

Fuck my ass! Fuck it.


Fuck my ass.

My ass and his cock were throbbing.

Carl exploded inside me. Sexchat nederlanden.

I felt his cum shoot into me from behind.

A crazy feeling, the physical feeling and the mental feeling.

His cock got tense and was pumping inside of me with cum filling up my ass.

My first ass fuck.

The first time a man put his cock in my ass and filled it with cum. Nudist sex acts potos.

I knew that it wouldn't be the last time.

Far from it.

I was spent.

I collapsed.

Carl got up and went into the bathroom to wash off his cock.

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He came back with two towels, one wet and the other dry.

He washed my ass with the wet one.

It was nice and warm.

Then he dried me with the other one. Real mom and daughter anal webcam.

Did you like that, Carl asked.

Ya think, I answered.

We both laughed.

You are an amazing lover, I said.

Or should I say an amazing fucker.

We both laughed again.

You are too, he said.

This has been the best sex I’ve ever had.

Me too, I said smiling at him.

Thank you, he said. Best chat online porno.

It means a lot to me that I was your first here.

He pat my ass.

I’m glad you were, I said.

It was incredible.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand.

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I rubbed it up and down.

I moved over and took his cock into my mouth.

His cock got hard really fast as I sucked him. Vaneesapearl vietnamese chat sex online.

The night had just begun and I already had two amazing orgasms.

We had all night.

Carl stayed in control that whole night.

I was his fuck toy.

He dominated me sexually the entire time and I came over and over again.

I learned something very important about myself that night. Women fucking men shemales.

Even though we got back to having really great sex, I knew we still had to end it.

Besides what Carl didn’t know is, that I was interested in another guy and was going out on a date with him the next day.

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