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I left the bed & went to her after a few minute when I was sure that she was still sleeping & couldn’t notice a thing.

Then I took her left hand & sat there holding her hand for a long time.

Then I looked at her chest.

Her tits were very nice & nipples were sharp. Free sexshat.

Those seemed real nice.

I kissed on her boobs which were under her chemise.

Then I touched those tits very carefully and lightly.

I don’t know much English to describe it.

But I can only tell you that was the first time I felt the erection so acute.

I laid one of my hands on soft body and by another one I was rubbing my penis. Ebony bbw webcam tube.


It felt the best ever.

After a while I thought it’s time to go back.

But turning my back on her, I again looked at her sleeping face and I kept looking at that innocent face for minutes.

Then I kissed her on the cheek slowly.

I don’t know why but I’m sure I felt something for her. Sex afair.

I don’t know what it was.

Next morning I woke up late & found the another bed empty.

She went to school early.

In the evening we were together & I tried to act like nothing had happened.

Then for about two months I didn’t sleep at all at nights.

Almost every midnight I used sit next to her, watching her body going up and down with her warm breath which really turned me on every time.

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I kissed her a lot but never went too passionate with that because the fear of waking her up was always in my mind.

One night I lifted her chemise up & saw her belly for the first time.

Her skin was very smooth.

It was just natural.

I put my hands there slowly & touched her. Caseygray88 virtual sex call chat.

That night I kissed almost every part of her body, her boobs, her belly, her back and her thighs but never had the real touch of her pussy.

I thought touching it would wake her up.

I even rubbed my penis a little over those parts of her body.

After a week or so we were alone in the home.

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My mother went to the nearby market to buy some daily necessary goods.

I figured out that I had a couple of hours in hand.

My sister had nothing to do in that afternoon & we were having a little chat as we always had.

Then suddenly I told her that I kissed her on the cheek last night (though it wasn’t last night, it every night). Sex dates dumfries galloway 50.

She smiled and said Did you? I looked at her face & from her expression I was sure that she wasn’t going through any ugly thoughts in her mind.

You don’t have to do that while I’m sleeping.

I said, I don’t understand.


She said, A brother can kiss his sister anytime he wants. 1 webcam girls.

So you can kiss your sister anytime you want to.

I don’t know what was going on inside me.

I just said, I love you sis.

She said, I know.

Then I thought of bringing back that moment.

I asked her, Can I kiss you now? With a smile on her face she said, Yes, you can. Free teen webcam.

I was sitting on my reading table & she was standing before me.

I went close to her, took her face right between my two hands & kissed her such a pressure on her cheek.

It was close to her lips.

I didn’t let it go for some second & she was so astonished that she couldn’t even think of pushing me away.

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When I looked at her I clearly noticed a different type of expression & she was looking at me with a disbelief in her eyes.

I knew that girls are aware of these feelings more than boys.

They even feel such things even before boys of their same age.

So I was sure that she felt something wrong this time. Aliklive sex videos webcam.

But God knows why I was pushing both of us to feel this way.

With a wonder in eyes, she said, What has happened to you?!! then she left the room & went to the kitchen.

She didn’t start to do household works what she would always do & I knew that because no sound was coming out.

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My mother came back after a while & I got tensed that my sister would tell her everything.

That night was an important night to me.

First I thought that she wouldn’t sleep in this room any more.

Then when she didn’t go away after preparing her lessons & went to bed, I thought she would cover her body. Teensonya free greek sex chat.

But there was absolutely no way of doing that because it was summer & she didn’t have the slightest idea of what I did in her sleep.

I was going through a lot of thoughts that time of what I was doing.

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