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Something always happens to drive a coach and horses through anything I decide should happen in any particular way.

Given the pressures and responsibilities of my job, I had intended to keep working until only two weeks before my due date – as long as my blood pressure and other things allowed. Telugu sex chat audio.

I had planned to spend the remaining time getting the last few things ready for the new arrival and resting up for the ordeal ahead. Sex slut in stavanger.

At my age, I knew I would need all the strength I could muster, both during the birth and for the next eighteen years.

Being medical ourselves, Pete and I had done everything they had told us in ante-natal classes; put together a birth plan; what to take, what position to use, what pain relief to accept.

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Now all that planning went out of the window as my husband drove at breakneck speed through the empty city streets towards the hospital, my wet bottom on a folded towel, my body periodically racked by horrifyingly familiar spasms I had not felt for over twenty years. Fucking in wedding reception.

Pete pulled the car to a halt in one of the emergency parking spaces outside the Maternity Unit then helped me stagger through the entrance.

Being November, I had pulled a heavy overcoat on top of my night gown, was wearing trainers and had absolutely no make-up on so despite my pains, I silently prayed that no-one I knew would see me.

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The arrivals nurse recognised an emergency when she saw it and within minutes Pete and I were in one of the more private birthing suites, walking slowly up and down, me leaning heavily on his arm while the midwives went through the registration process painfully slowly. Isabella clark legal porno.

Because of my age I had been red-flagged so an on-call consultant was being woken in case things went awry – which given my baby was coming more than a full month early, had already happened. Threesome sex vk com.

There was talk of assistance, talk of spinal blocks; there was even talk of an emergency c-section but I was coherent enough to insist everything should go as naturally as possible.

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As I lay on my back, legs apart with a young female head only inches from my vulva, it soon became clear that whether things went naturally or not, they were going to go quickly. Moreno valley sex positions.

I was already three-quarters dilated.

What was also clear was that an important part of my preparations had been missed.

I had planned to allow my pubic hair to regrow somewhat before the birth to save embarrassment, but the unexpected early confinement had caught me by surprise. Porno milashka.

The look of shock on her face when the young midwife discovered that a woman old enough to be her mother was lying there in the final stages of pregnancy with a fully shaven vulva might have made me hysterical with shame had it not been for the increasingly frequent and agonising bolts of pain that gripped me.

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