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The traffic had gotten a bit heavier now that people were waking up.

Lots of soccer mum's making their morning runs but also quite a few truck drivers.

It was these that Sarah was enjoying.

I would pull out to overtake them and as long as no one was behind me I would slow down and travel alongside them. Amateur brunette mature sexy.

At first she was content with showing some cleavage and thigh but as we went on it became a little more each time.

Another button would come undone and the hem of her skirt would ride a little higher.

I pulled alongside another truck and there was no one behind me for miles. Valerie bertinelli sexy pics.

I set the cruise control so we were matching speeds.

Sarah was pretending that she was unaware that the driver was watching her.


She had her finger tips slowly gliding up and down between her breasts for a while then, through the fabric of her shirt, she pinched both her nipples. Anybody looking for sex in adairville kentucky.

She threw her head back dramatically in ecstasy then went to circling her very rigid nipples with her fingertips.

"Is he watching you?" She glanced up very quickly and whispered, although I'm not sure why.


Yes he is.

" She reached up and almost carelessly flicked one side of her shirt open revealing her rigid, tender nipple. Masterclass vidieo sex.

She ran her fingertips around it, exploring every little lump and bump on her puckered nipple.

It was very hard and very erect.

She pinched it again and moaned as she was rhythmically squeezing her thighs together.


Before long her other hand began to stray down to her thighs where they would roam up and down their length; her fingertips gently caressing the tender skin on the inside of her thighs. Live free sex cams los angeles california.

Each time they slid up her thigh they would go just a little higher.

I could smell her arousal and I was getting pretty worked up too.

My cock was straining against the fabric of my shorts and desperately wanted to be set free.

Her hand slipped under the hem of her skirt and she shuddered as she moaned again. Blonde korean masturbate dick and fuck.

Oh fuck I’m so wet.

Good because I’m ridiculously hard right now.

Oh God, get it out.

I want to see your delicious cock.

No way was I going to say no to that request.


I shuffled my butt forward and after some awkward manoeuvring, thank God for cruise control, I managed to release my cock from its tight confines. Sex cams dans montreal.

I swear it was like it breathed a sigh of relief.

One of the things I have discovered that I love about exhibitionism is the simple feeling of the breeze blowing across the bare skin of my cock.

It is so much of a turn on, just thinking about it can make me hard. Sexy sexy sexy sexy picture.

Sarah reached across with her free hand and immediately started stroking me.

She would use feather light touches followed by a good hard squeeze.

It was like she was milking me at times.

Squeezing hard at the base and slowly squeezing toward the tip until a small drop of pre-cum would ooze out.

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She used the tip of her finger to smear the pre-cum around, lubricating the tip of my cock.

I was so incredibly turned on.

Sarah moved around in her seat, getting up onto her knees and leaned across taking the tip of my cock between her lips.

As she did she raised her ass up in the air, pointing her dripping pussy straight at the truck driver. Sex live vk.

There was a little wobble from the truck as he obviously noticed and tried to recover.

He was getting a hell of a show with only the second best seat in the house.

Sarah reached back between her legs and started sliding her fingers over her clit and sopping wet pussy lips before shoving several fingers deep inside of herself.

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She was spread wide open and well on display for this random stranger and nothing turned Sarah on more.

It didn’t take long at all for her to reach a massive orgasm.

Cum poured from her pussy, soaking her hand and her thighs.

It was right at that moment that I couldn’t take any more and exploded right into her mouth. Free webcam chat whores.

It felt like I had shot a massive amount of cum into her mouth but her lips held on tight to contain it all.

She moaned around my cock as I pumped more cum into her mouth.

She didn’t, however, swallow any of it.

She sat back down in her seat, looked up toward the truck driver and opened her mouth, showing him the big mouthful of cum she had.

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She closed her mouth and swallowed dramatically then showed him her empty mouth.

He honked his horn long and loud and I decided that now was the time to finally pass him and move on.

I knew he would have a great time sharing the story with his mates, most of whom probably wouldn’t believe a word of it. Online wap cams sex.

Just another of those urban legends that get passed on from driver to driver.

Creak! Jay’s eyes jumped open.

Sleepily, he turned over to examine the bright red letters on the alarm clock.

Just after one in the morning on a Monday.

God, what was the door doing creaking at this time of the morning? Ahsoka and anakin sex. His heart started pounding.

He sat up, listening harder.


Just barely, he could make out quick, shallow breathing and soft footsteps in the living room.

Grabbing the handy-dandy, state-of-the-art baseball bat from beneath the bed, he softly padded into the hallway. University girls sexy xxx pic.

Shit! he heard someone quietly murmur.

He froze on the balls of his feet, making almost no sound on the thick carpet.

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