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There was a chuckle of laughter, and then someone added, Let her get them herself.

I was led back across the room and told to pick them up with my teeth.

I obeyed.

I was paraded, still on the rope, and with my knickers in my mouth back across the room.

We went along a hallway towards the bedrooms where some of the guys had been staying. Sex scandal of jennifer lopez.

We reached one door which opened in front of me, and they lead me into the largish bathroom.

I immediately guessed what might be about to happen to me.

I could smell something noxious almost as soon as the door opened.

Put your knickers on, I was told.

I was not allowed to stand up to do so and had great difficulty trying to get them on while still on all fours.

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Eventually, I pulled them up my legs and into position.

I was then told to look into the bath like a dog.

I was not sure quite how I was to do this but guessed that if I lifted myself and put my hands on the bath rim that might work.

I did so and looked into the bath. Discreet sex wagon mound new mexico 34.

It was a mass of smelly yellow water, bits of beans and pieces of sausage floated in it from the previous night's tea and the morning's breakfast.

Climb in, I was ordered.

Do I have to? I enquired meekly.

Get in, I was again instructed.

Here’s the deal, one of them said, Either you get in of your own free will, fully clothed, or we will strip you naked and throw you in and only let you out when we want!

Online webcam sex alexandria. I stepped towards the bath and placed one foot into the awful substance.

Then I pulled it out again quickly.

I’d prefer you to do put me in, I replied.

Someone said, Right grab her, and my arms and were locked tight.

Now strip her naked, someone else added as two pairs of hands grabbed the top of the dress and yanked it from the neck down. Francesca le porno mom.

It took them a few pulls before the buttons gave way.

It was pulled hard and where the buttons stopped the fabric was torn allowing the dress to be pulled off my back and down my arms.

Almost before it was off, I felt my knickers being pulled down my legs and then the bra being popped from the back. Free moile adult webcam.


Here I was once more naked before the lads and enjoying every moment of it.

Okay, tie her hands behind her back and then tie her ankles together, someone ordered.

My hands were pulled forcefully behind me, and I could feel the rope as it tightened around them. Barely legal phonesex chat with yahoom messenger.

I could also feel my ankles being bound together.

I still had the rope around my neck and so that was used to lead me to the toilet where I was sat on the open pan.

You will learn to obey, I was told.

Two of the guys held my arms just under my armpits while another was handed a riding crop that was about two to three feet long with a large round leather end. Apolinaria23 webcam seks seks.

He moved towards me suddenly gave it a downward stroke catching my right breast as it did so.


I was shocked and let out a terrific scream.

Another flick and he almost expertly found my left breast making me scream again.

Stand up, The order came again.

I did so and was turned to face the toilet. Miss vikki sex.

The seat was lifted and I felt downward pressure placed on my shoulders as I was told, Kneel.

I looked into the toilet bowl which was full of both urine.

Push her head in, someone was told, And let's piss on her.

My head was pushed down until I could feel my scalp getting wet. Wasting some time on sex women va man fuck family niggy.

Then there was the sensation of warm liquid running down the back of my head and around my neck, over my chin and down my cheeks and face.

I knew what was happening but could do nothing about it!

I cannot tell how many used me in this way.

Suddenly and without warning the system was flushed and my head was hit by a torrent of cold water that flowed over my head and mixed with the mess already in the bowl. Racine single mom wanting sex.

I held my breath but not before I had got a mouthful of water or water and other stuff mixed together.

My first swirlie! Once it had stopped, my head was pulled out of the toilet, and I was made to stand up.

I was shoved in front of a mirror and forced to look at myself. Black clip free fucking gay man.

I looked a real mess, I really did.

Okay into the bath with her.

Once the order everyone tried to grab me about anywhere, they could.

Some hands managed funnily enough around my bottom, vagina and tits.


I was lifted over the bath and then lowered gently to just above the mixture. Nicole wilkins sexy.

They all counted in unison, Three, two, one, and then I was dropped as they all took a big step back.

I fell into the dirty water and it covered my legs and torso.

I had not noticed before that the bath was bigger than I was used to and was nearly long enough for me to lie down. Prince yahshua sex video.

Someone wearing a pair of yellow gloves pushed hard on my head shoving me right under the water.

He held me for a few seconds before allowing me up to breath.

Cor, one of them said, She doesn’t look so beautiful now, does she? No, said another, I won’t be doing anything more with her until she has a good bath.

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There was universal laughter at this, and then someone enquired, Where’s the ice? Two of the young men quickly left the bathroom, which despite its size, was rather crowded.

They quickly returned with two large bags of ice cubes procured from the freezer. Fat girl fucks white guy porn.

The bags were torn open and the ice cruelly dumped into the bath that was already full of me and the smelly mixture.

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