Bridgeport connecticut bears sex contacts.

Bridgeport connecticut bears sex contacts.

It wasn’t long before he came back with news that made me tingle with excitement.

Boss is pleased, boys! We’re going to be having some fun tonight! He said with a laugh.

I wasn’t sure what kind of fun he was talking about but it was probably part of the test. Phone sex chat numbers without credit card.

Give me her purse, I’ll give it to Boss, and you two take her in through the back.

The man who sat next to me removed his hand from my thigh, much to my dismay, and helped me get out of the van.

He went to my left side again and the man who rode in the passenger seat and picked up my purse led me from my right side. Free webcam sex on skype.

It wasn’t a long walk to the building and before we walked in I could hear the beat of music coming from inside.


Good evening gentleman, a deep voiced man said who I’m assuming was a bouncer.

Boss is very pleased with you three.

He has been smiling more than usual tonight. Phoebe cates sex tape.

This Boss must have had quite the operation, whatever that was, but nonetheless I was looking forward to meeting him and passing his test.

I was led through the now open door, which slammed behind me once I was through.

Once inside my available senses were assaulted. Free vidosex.

The air was heavy and the scent of sex filled my nostrils with my first breath.

It was overpowering at first but alluring at the same time.

I could hear the music more clearly now but I could also hear the moans and screams of girls being pleasured and tortured.

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That scared me a bit for I was not one for BDSM.

I swallowed hard as the two men led me through the room and then what I think was a long hallway with individual rooms branching off.

We got to the end of the hallway and the man on my left knocked 3 times on the door ahead of us. Gaysexchatusa boys.

Boss says bring her in, said the man who drove us from behind the door.

The door opened and the three of us walked through.

The room was silent and the door slammed behind us causing me to jump.

Boss says relax miss, said the man to my left.

I liked the man to my left. Sexy bloody mary.

Whoever he was, he seemed kind.

I was led to what I think was the middle of the room and was instructed to get on my knees and spread my legs.


The man who drove us spoke, Boss says I can untie your hands but under no circumstances can you move or talk without permission or you will be punished. Perfectsex turkish sex chat porn.

The only time you may speak is when you are asked a question or you wish to use the safe word.

Understood? I nodded my head yes and was as still as possible while he untied my hands.

I didn’t like this man as much at all.

He gave me the creeps but I was going to do what he said. Anal sex free greenguy.

No way was I going to fail this test.

Stand up.

I did as I was told.


Now take off your skirt.

I hesitated a moment and quickly regretted my decision.

I was flogged once, but hard across the ass, which brought tears to my eyes.


I thought about using the safe word but quickly decided otherwise. Girls wanting to fuck rostock.

Instead, I figured I had better do what I was told, when I was told because who knows what else they would do to me and I wanted to pass the test.

My ass was still stinging but I took off my skirt and let it fall to my feet.

I was standing as still as possible and was clearly tense. Verovera79 webcam prostitutes india.

Relax miss, said the man who had always been on my left.

My shoulders relaxed a little but I didn’t dare move.

Take off your shirt, said the driver.

I did this promptly and let my shirt fall beside me.

Good girl.

Now turn around.

I did as he said once again. Bbw sport sex.

Boss says its such a shame you have to have a mark on that pretty little ass of yours.


He thought you were a good girl.

This made my blood boil.

I was Chase’s good girl and his girl only.

Not this asshole’s they called Boss.

I felt like crying but for fear of being flogged again I bit my tongue and tried to relax. Mikkyfamouse sexs intim.

There was no turning back now.

I was not giving in and I was passing this test dammit.

I wanted to beat his game, no matter what it took.

Boss wants you to bend over and take off your panties.

I did as I was told and stood back up again.

I was flogged once more, which again sent tears to my eyes but also a shock to my pussy. Asa akira keiran lee sex porno video.

I didn’t tell you to stand up now did I? I bent back over and found myself once more fighting to relax.


Good girl, now you may stand up.

I did as I was told.

Turn around, take off your bra, and show Boss those beautiful breasts of yours.

I did as I was told and decided from that moment on I was going to own this test like the sexy slut I knew I was. Anyelsa free live nude webcam.

Damn! Said the man who sat in the passenger seat.

She’s got some sexy tits! Yea she’s real fine Boss! Said the man who was always to my left.

Most girls I knew would be cringing that strangers would be looking them over like this and making such comments.

Bridgeport connecticut bears sex contacts.