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I felt his cock throb in its captivity and felt its heat reflecting my own.

If I reached down further, I could touch the head, rub my juices on it, maybe even tickle that extra sensitive spot on the underside.

I'm no penis expert, but am still grateful to the powers in the universe who/that were responsible for endowing my husband. Victoria s secret sexy.

He doesn't have one of those porno "monster cocks," but whatever it is (Actually, we did measure it once I'm just not telling) it is the perfect size and shape for me.

The head is a little pointed, but widens enough that the feel of him entering me is like a force of nature stretching me open and seeking my center.

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Its long enough that, when we're making love just so, I can feel him "bottom out" and press against end of my tunnel.

When he cums that deep in me, I can imagine feeling his semen shoot right into my womb.

We've been doing it just so allot, recently.

Now, I wanted him. Casual fucking mitchell georgia.

I was all hot and bothered by the flights of my mind, my own fingers, and the hardness between my legs.

I wiggled forward and back a bit, trying to somehow move myself to get his cock and my pussy to connect.

I grasped gently at the head to guide it to me and arched to get my body to line up right.

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But was too constrained by our body positions.

Erect, he jutted too far forward for me to cpature him in my slit.

His organ throbbed from the additional stimulation of my squirming.

I stopped moving for a minute, realizing I might actually get him to climax while frustrating myself. Looking for bj and sex.

The solution was simple in concept, but hard to execute given the state I was now in.

I had to stop everything and wait for him to relax on his own.

So I tried.

I let go my hand, and raised my leg again, so my body didn't squeeze him.

A long time passed.

And I got hornier by the minute.

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I listened to Matt breathe, felt the hairs on his chest and legs tickle my skin, and waited for the stiffness pressed up between the junction of my legs to subside.

The anticipation was agonizing.

Every place we touched felt electric, especially down there, where he was so close to where I wanted him to be. Jasmin spice porno video.

I felt drips of my own excitement run over my leg to dampen the bedsheet.

I grew cross with the cock, annoyed that it expected satisfaction right now when something so much better lay in store for it if it would only relax.

I considered bringing myself off anyway, and to hell with the big lug.

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He wouldn't know what he missed.

But I rejected that thought as it came.

I knew that right now I wanted, needed him inside me.

I was getting ready to heave him over and jump on him when I finally felt him start to relax.

I slowed my breathing to concentrate on feeling what was going on. Qutop bisexual free chat.

I didn't want to move too soon, lest I end up right where I'd started, and I wouldn't be able to stand that.

My heart was already beating fast from arousal, and now suspense added to it as I waited.

Finally, the pressure was all but gone, and I could feel his mostly flaccid length lie on my upper inner right thigh.

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I spread my legs a little wider and carefully reached down with my left hand.

I grasped the soft, pliant glans of Matt's penis in my fingers, pointed the head right between my wet and waiting labia, and held my breath.

It didn't take long.

Even in deep sleep, gentle direct manipulation of his cock got a reaction from Matt. Just wanna fuck 32 dyt s dyt 32.

He began to stiffen for a third time.

And I almost lost him, too.

My lubricated fingers slipped a bit and the head of the growing rod pointed off the wrong way for a moment.

But I recovered quickly and poked him back into me.

And that's all I had to do.

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The lengthening, stiffening cock pushed into me by itself. Freelive mature webcam.

I kept my hand there to prevent him from slipping out, but after that first heartbeat or two, it was really unnecessary.

I let my left leg down.

He grew inside me, and oh, god, it was the most erotic feeling! With each beat of his heart, his cock throbbed larger and longer, pushing deeper and deeper into me. Fuck bbw text for free.

I was so wet by now that the organ had no trouble nosing as far as it wanted to go.

I exhaled loudly, like he was forcing air out my lungs with his steady penetration.

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