Brutal nonconsentual sex stories.

Brutal nonconsentual sex stories.

I know I do.

" I listened as he scrambled, gathering his things and running out the door.

I asked out loud if there were any other guys in the room, and when no one answered, I got up and locked the door. Big boobs webcam girls.

I ripped off my blindfold and slowly looked over at the bed.

It was a war zone.

My beautiful wife, who seemed so elegant and classy in public, was laying on the hotel bed, her pussy red and swollen, her tummy and tits drenched in cum. Sex chat phone number.

White, milky sperm dripped out of her pussy, and a few drops leaked out of her asshole.

She had cum all over her face, dripping off her lips, nose, and hair.

She even had cum on her feet, dripping off her nicely pedicured toes onto the bed.

"How do you feel?" I asked her.

Brutal nonconsentual sex stories. brutal
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She slowly peeled off her blindfold, leaving sticky ropes of cum dangling onto her cheeks.

"Like a slut," she smiled.

"Want to finish me off?" My shorts were soaked with pre-cum, and I was painfully hard. Ilyaws anonymous gay sex chat.

I slid into my wife's abused pussy, enjoying her sticky wetness, letting plenty of guys' cum lubricate my deep, slow entry into her.

She closed her eyes, enjoy my familiar thickness.

With two fingers, she wiped some cum off her tits, and, staring into my eyes, stuck her fingers in her mouth, cleaning them off. Webcam huge anal dildo.

That was enough for me to add my sperm to her collection, giving her swollen pussy one last drenching with my hot load.

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The next day, we sat around in bed, recuperating.

My wife fell asleep early in the afternoon, so I sat at the computer to watch the last night's action. Malayalam online websex chat.

It was just as I thought; I counted eight guys at one point, standing around with their cocks out, ready to have their turn with my girl.

She was a trooper, no one's dick went unattended, and she desperately tried to keep up with the amount of sperm they were giving her. Online sex chat for women.

She took cocks deep into her throat, and when they were empty, another guy grabbed her head to donate his sperm inside her.

I watched as guys came in her pussy, pulling out and dripping cum onto the sheets.

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Only a few seconds later, another guy was more than happy to shove his rod into her, following shortly with his own creamy load.

I skipped to the end, almost before the video stopped, so I could figure out who the last guy was. Uk housewives sexchat mobile numbers.

My wife had loved him; she said it was some of the best sex she's ever had and he was excellent with his technique.

She wanted to fuck him again and I told her I would see who it was so that maybe she could have a new fuck buddy. 5th graders busted having sex.

I paused the video.

I shook my head, rubbed my eyes; I stood up, got a drink of water, sat back down.

Brutal nonconsentual sex stories.