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Emma stewed in anger and hatred for both of her parents well into the night.

Eventually she glanced across her room at the mirror hanging on the backside of her bedroom door.

There was now a long crack running down its center which hadn’t been there earlier that day. Online webcam room.

She sighed while catching a look at her reflexion.

She was still dressed up in the short skirt, halter, and heels that was she was going to wear to the party, her face still made up.

She went to her bathroom and washed the makeup off and changed into the loose tank top and boy-shorts she usually wore to sleep. Full stream sex video.

She laid down for a while but ended up tossing and turning, unable to settle with the thoughts of God-knows-what going on at Dillian’s.


Her best friend Kelly had reasonable parents and was able to attend the party.

When it ended, Emma knew, Kelly would call and let her know what had gone on. Wife fucked in north potomac.

There was no way Emma could get sleep until she knew everything.

Around two o’clock that morning she found herself sitting crossed legged on the couch in the living room, reclined into the cushions, channel surfing.

Nothing good was on.

Its passed your bedtime, a baritone voice said from behind her. Angelred free lesbion sex text chat online.

Go to your room and go to sleep.

She craned her neck to see her father approaching from behind.

He was wearing gray sweatpants and, as usual for this hour, no shirt.

The sight of him caused some of her anger from earlier to resurface.


She glared at him menacingly for a long while before uttering the words: Make me, asshole. Tamil sex chat in mobile.

It was not -- by any stretch -- the first time she had wanted to say that to her father, but it was the first time she’d mustered the nerve.

Her heart raced in fear as he rounded the corner and faced her like an angry bull preparing to charge.

Then something weird happened. Lives sex com.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but then closed it again.

He took a step away as if to leave, and then thought better of it, and took a seat in the chair just to the left.

He rested his right ankle atop his left knee as if he was at some sort of business meeting and and turned his attention to the sitcom rerun currently playing.

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She stared at him curiously for a moment, wondering why he wasn’t being his usual overbearing self, why he wasn’t yelling in her face and listing her punishments.

Eventually she turned her attention to the TV as well.

As the night wore on she and her father exchanged awkward glances. Cam show sexy sites.

He would look at her for long stretches and when she looked at him he’d turn back to the tv.

Is he.

trying to spend time with me? Emma wondered to herself.

Suddenly she started to feel bad for what she said.

Daddy was overprotective, no denying that, but at one point it was a quality she had liked in him. Joker-quinn indiyansex onlin.

When she was little and she was afraid to sleep alone in her room Daddy would come in and make a big show of scaring off any monsters that were under her bed or in her closet.


If that didn’t work, he’d let her sleep in the bed between him and Mom.

Emma had never felt quite so safe as when his arms were around her and her head rested against his chest. Sexy russian brunette.

She wasn’t that little girl anymore though.

She was sixteen.

Him trying to keep her his little girl was a horrible mistake.

Still, saying what she had said didn’t help anything.

If she ended up being grounded for longer it would only further jeopardize her relationship with Dillan. Married women looking for sex duncan.

Better do some damage control.

Look Dad, she finally said, as the clock neared five AM, I’m sorry for what I said.

The cursing thing and the part about hating you.

I didn’t mean either.

I hope you let me slide on this and don’t tell Mom.

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